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Anon, abbreviated for anonymous.
An anon is found on 4chan, usually the ones described are on /b/, or random.

Yes, anon is the sick bastard that showed you goaste.
Yes, anon is the pervert who thought it'd be funny for you to see 2girls1cup.
Yes, anon is the one that is always willing too add a bit of internet chaos to your day.
Yes, anon does horrible things on the internet, just google 4chan and you will find many results.

But anon is also that misunderstood nice guy.

Anon is the guy you made fun of because you thought it'd be funny to your friends.
Anon is the guy that was best friends with that girl, but never dated because he was too nice.
Anon is the guy that picked up that girl at 4AM because her new boyfriend was a jerk and dropped her off there.
Anon is the guy who endured hours of whining and bitching and provided a shoulder to lean because he wanted to.
Anon is the guy that quiet kid sitting in the back row because no one wanted to sit with him.
Anon is the guy that listened to that girl complain and cry about how there is never any nice guys, yet sitting there disproving her point.

tl;dr, anon is the guy that always finished last, who never got a chance, and never will.
Anon is the unlucky one that got gyped out of happiness.
by Nekux January 15, 2010
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You can tell by the way she walks, she got that WAP.

You can look at her face and tell she ain't got that WAP.
by Black Don August 06, 2020
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our anon, which art onο»Ώ /b/
hallowed be thy name
thy *chans come:
thy will be done,
on das internets as it is on /b/.
give us this day our daily meme,
and forgive us our trolling,
as we forgive those who troll against us.
and lead us not into cp;
but deliver us from newfaggotry.
for thine is thy 4chan,
the irony, and the stupidity,
for ever and ever.

by Hawaiian Dicking July 09, 2009
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(1) Anon. : Abbreviation of the word anonymous.
(2) anon : Archaic english word meaning 'soon, presently'.
(3) anon : Archaic english word meaning 'later, after a while,' contradicting (2).
(4) Anon : A registered member of The Sect of Homokaasu and participator in The Kill Everyone Project (TKEP).
(1) "As their number dwindled down from 50 to 8, the other dwarves began to suspect Hungry." -- Anon.

(2) "Come, anon!"

(3) See (2)

(4) "Anon's click is the biggest, much bigger than jaraxle's."
by Anon January 11, 2004
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Anonymous: lulz on that hax0r
Anonymous: yea
joey355: why is every one anonymous?
Anonymous: newfag were anons GTFO
by .:Anonymous:. October 21, 2007
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n. Anon or 'non' is an abbreviated form of the word 'Anonymous'. Used to refer to a member or members of the internet-based free speech movement Amonymous.

Anons meet on internet message boards and networking sites to protest and plan pickets educating the public on violations of free speech and other human rights.

Anons are generally seen in masks, sunglassses, and/or other disguises protesting the practices of the Church of Scientology, due to the CoS policy of "Fair Game".

Scientologist 1: I heard a bunch of Anons are going to picket the Org. today.

Scientologist 2: On Stat day!?!

Scientologist 1: Yeah. Just a bunch of SP wogs...
by wog5296 March 08, 2009
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abbr. Anonymous

Contrary to popular belief "Anon" is not any anonymous stranger on the internet. Anon is the hive mind of deviant fantasies and crude jokes inhabiting the subconscious of hermits, burnouts, stoners and suicidal shut-ins everywhere.

Anon has a soft spot, not only in his clearly unsatisfying real life but also in his love for mudkipz, longcat and bawwing about his loneliness.

You will the anarchic entity that is Anon if you spend enough time on the internet. He frequents many a venue - in hopes of adding a touch of chaos to the lives of others - for instance the anonymous chat site, Omegle.

When Anon shows his lack of face on sites apart from 4chan's /b/, it is usually with the intention of trolling random strangers.

Anon does not have a stated purpose. Anon is anarchy, urges and untamed mental impulse, harmful to anyone whose inhibitions and sense of decency are still intact.
Anon does not forgive.
by Analytical Hermit October 30, 2009
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