semen. The stuff that comes out of your penis during a cum shot.
Britney Spears was found unconscious and covered with jizm all over her naked body.
by urban pervert February 18, 2003
(1) A gooey translucent liquid substance that cums from a males penis. Homosexuals and slappers love the taste
(2) A great word to yell out a car window
(3) The substance referred to in (1), that burns with an awful smell when brothels burn down
(1) Oliver that homo was drinking a jizm slurpy, he sucked that guy dry
That damn slapper, she was sucking jizm all night long

(2) Jizzzuuuuuuuuuuuuum!

(3) Ooooh, I hate the smell of sizzling jizm
by Mr Jones April 26, 2005
A religion created by the God of Jizm whereby if you join you have the right to do nothing. Also the wonder of Jizm shall be revealed being, standing an empty lucozade bottle up normally then just tapping the top making it fall down, whereupon it performs a complete somersault & goes in a complete circle.
by Lizm September 18, 2007
A very large amount of semen ejaculated from the penis. A big ass load of cum shot out the penis.
I dropped a jizm bomb on your mom last night!
by MS The Fast Whitey February 16, 2007
A big ass load of cum ejaculated from the penis. A whole lot of cum.
I dropped a jizm bomb all over your mom.
by Mitchell Kurt February 16, 2007
Cock master, one who enjoys the feeling of male seed.
Hey, why you lookin' like you sucked a dick? Freakin' jizm lips!
by your name August 10, 2003
1. A person who during sex ejaculates prematurely.

2. A doof, queef, dumbass.
1. Way to go Jizm made the family proud!

2. Hey look fellas, there goes Jizm McGee for ya!!!
by Clevis McFarland April 7, 2004