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The tool used to wean and convert lesbians and virgins into useful, productive members of society.
The lesbian babe saw the light and became straight when a real penis penetrated her vaginal lips.
by urban pervert April 08, 2003

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Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

The woman's "time of the month" when her uterus sheds its lining because her monthly egg isn't fertilized and dies.

The worst time to be around a woman, because she becomes an irrational psycho bitch which froths at the mouth with rage and seeks to destroy anything which stands in her way.
I'd rather be in Hell than to be around a womsn with PMS.
by urban pervert March 03, 2003

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To break the hymen, or skin barrier covering a woman's vagina, typically with a pointed object such as the penis.
She bled for hours after he popped the cherry with his needle.
by urban pervert April 21, 2003

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The lips of the vagina. Frequently these are what create the famous camel toe when they press into a woman's underwear or bikini
At the beach I met a young lady who had the most beautiful labia I have ever seen.
by urban pervert June 17, 2003

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An adjective that describes a bad girl who needs to be punished (usually by fucking her), or a lady who wears tight, revealing clothing. Can also apply to a female who is into bondage.
The naughty demoness wore nothing but leather and lace during her reign of terror. But at least she was a hot babe.
by urban pervert August 26, 2003

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Born in 1869 as a peasant in Russia, this man had a serious sexual appetite which he exploited to its limits. Based on some of his preserved remains in a Russian museum, he had a 13-inch long penis, and legend has it that he used special powers to fuck over 100,000 women, including the Tzar's wife, the Tzar's four daughters, the Tzar's chambermaids, and the servant-girls in the Tzar's palace. That or he just pulled his pants down in their presence.
Rasputin started out as an alcoholic womanizer and joined a variation of Russian Orthodoxy called Skopsty, which is founded on the belief that the only way to reach God is through sin. when Rasputin finally became a monk, he travelled a lot, fucking to his heart's content, and tales of his travels and the supposed "magical healing powers" that the monk attained reached the ears of Tzar Nicholas II, whose son was ailing with hemophilia. Rasputin somehow managed to heal the boy and became an important person in the Tzars house. However, the Tzar's relatives were not too happy about the monk fucking their women with his 13-inch cock on a daily basis, so they conspired to kill him.
One night, Rasputin was invited by the conspirators to dinner. Everything was all planned out that night. He was supposed to drink the poisoned wine and eat the poisoned food and die. But that was not the case, because the Tzar's relatives saw in shock as the monk ate and drank enough poison to kill 6 people, and didn't seem to show any symptoms at all. So, they switched to plan B. They shot him, and found out that it didn't kill him. They kicked the crap out of him and saw that he was still twitching. They cut his dick off, and saw that it didn't work. They stabbed him repeatedly, but HE STILL DIDN'T DIE. So they finally wrapped up Rasputin's broken, breathing body and threw it into a river, where he finally died after several hours.
Unfortunately for the Tzar's family, they were assassinated four months later, ending the Romanov family line permanently.

Rasputin can also sometimes be used as a slang word for a big penis.
If I were Rasputin, I would just fuck and stay out of the limelight instead.
by urban pervert May 15, 2004

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What naughty girls are punished with.
She moaned with orgasmic glee when I slapped her ass with my whip.
by urban pervert March 26, 2003

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