44 definitions by urban pervert

When your penis stands to attention. See boner, stiffy.
Thinking about my girlfriend always gives me an erection.
by urban pervert April 25, 2003
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This movie has explicit scenes of sex and violence and may not be suitable for white, Yuppie Bible-bashers
by urban pervert February 17, 2003
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A phrase used by the adult world to describe a vagina or anus that is soaked with cum, or semen. Pornography thich contains sexual scenes involving cum-drenched vaginas and/or anuses.
Most sites which claim to have creampie porn are either pay-sites, or bullshit sites which sprout gay porn pop-up links.
by urban pervert February 11, 2003
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A phrase used by the porn(adult entertainment) industry to describe the male penis fully entering the woman's vagina or anus during sexual intercourse. Very interesting to watch over and over again ;^B.
Damn! That bitch got some serious deep penetration by black dick!
by urban pervert February 08, 2003
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semen. The stuff that comes out of your penis during a cum shot.
Britney Spears was found unconscious and covered with jizm all over her naked body.
by urban pervert February 17, 2003
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An old, cliched excuse that a woman comes up with when she doesn't feel like having sex.
I desparately wanted a blowjob from my girlfriend, but she said she had a headache, so I put powdered aspirin on my dick just to prove that I really needed her to release the building pressure in my balls.
by urban pervert December 09, 2003
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