43 definitions by urban pervert

When your penis stands to attention. See boner, stiffy.
Thinking about my girlfriend always gives me an erection.
by urban pervert April 25, 2003
To break the hymen, or skin barrier covering a woman's vagina, typically with a pointed object such as the penis.
She bled for hours after he popped the cherry with his needle.
by urban pervert April 22, 2003
Spare pussy to have when your wife or girlfriend is either on the rag or just not in the mood to straddle the cock. Traditionally a popular stress reliever in France, which might explain why they rarely wage wars these days.
After my wife tried the old "I have a headache" tactic for avoiding sex, I hopped over to the other side of town where my mistress gladly spread her legs for me.
by urban pervert November 1, 2003
Suck my dick. First-person slang for give a blowjob
And slob my knob my girl did, causing me to bust a full load into her mouth.
by urban pervert February 17, 2003
When two people from different branches of the military hook up.
Ryan and Diane are a milcest couple.
by urban pervert February 10, 2018