When a basketball player gets hot from the three point line and makes a bunch of shots.
Lee Humphrey went unconscious from deep and helped Florida win the National Championship.
by Bill Pen April 3, 2007
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The period of time when a basketball player cannot miss from long-range jumpers.
Tracy McGrady was unconscious for his famous "13 points in 33 seconds" against the San Antonio Spurs.
by Streetballer6699 April 4, 2011
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Not being conscious. When a person becomes or appears to be unconscious, they appear to be in a sleep-like unresponsive state, where all muscles become relaxed and 'floppy'. This creates a danger to the patient's life, as their tongue (a muscle) rolls to the back of the throat, and blocks the airway. Also, as the patient regains consciousness, their stomach wall contracts, causing the contents of their bowels to be forced up the oesophagus where it would enter the mouth to be drained, but because the tongue is blocking it's way, a sufficient amount of vomit enters the lungs, and the patient therefore drowns on their own sick.

To prevent this, simply check the patient's airway and breathing. If they are breathing, place them into the recovery position. If not, seek help immediately and make sure someome trained in first aid is present to perform CPR until paramedics arrive.
Unconsciousness - (noun) 1.The state of lacking consciousness, of being unconscious.

2.Ignorance or innocence; the state of being uninformed or unaware.
by Mr Munchkins July 15, 2005
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un⋅con⋅science - uhn-kon-shuhns
- adjective

1. To lose ones grasp of the complex rules of ethical and moral principles that control or inhibits the actions of an individual.
2. To be in a state devoid of mental and moral faculties and act in a licentious way.
3. To claim ones inner sense of what is right or wrong is switched off while sleeping.
4. Any temporary loss of morality.
"I had heard Chris Brown was unconscience when he slapped the Barbados out of Rihanna"

"The night of the purple pants doesn't count, I was unconscience"

"I only legitamified that while unconscience... I don't think you should come"
by TheLegitamafier February 19, 2009
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When a relatively unconscious asshole who knows virtually nothing about a given subject narrates the goings-on within their mind, as they tumble around inside the cavern of their head, relating to that subject.
In the late nineteenth century, philosopher William James initially defined a stream of consciousness type of narration in literature but stream of unconsciousness is currently being demonstrated every single day by an amazing human specimen, the 45th POTUS, in his obscenely ignorant twitterblasts.
by Dr Bunnygirl November 7, 2019
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A sexual act in which one partner will knock out the other, then using their finger and their partner's feces write "Charlie" on the back of their partner.
Did you hear what Kevin did to Jill last weekend?

Ya, the sick fuck Unconscious Charlied her!
by D.K. Brownsworth May 16, 2010
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Spitting freestyle at a rapid rate....
Now here I go, with the freestyle flow, motherfucker, unconscious flow....
by MC Taboo October 20, 2006
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