when you pick up a hot guy in a bar, your sizzling HOT!
i was hot and sizzling last night!
by Daniel p December 2, 2003
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A substance of unknown origin that tends to bubble and spit uncontrollably at things in its vicinity. See also: wordHot Sizzling Jazword.
OMG! That's some sick sizzlin' shit u got there m8!
by skabbmannen October 3, 2003
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what's that noise hun
don't worry pet, it's only my zits sizzling
by phloggs May 20, 2005
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to be cool and to have all the slutz after you
im sizzling man
by pubert mcgregor April 29, 2003
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an advanced case of ZITS, both m and f
this is not simply a cosmetic problem - our zits have started SIZZLING
by battered blair May 18, 2005
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Cool kid who hangs out with nerds. Likes sports
Have you seen that sizzl? why is she with those losers?
by SnazyLaserbeam February 28, 2017
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A phrase used to show affirmation or approval. It references the sound that one hears when cooking certain delicious foods i.e. bacon or fajitas and therefore transfers those feelings to non-edible objects or ideas.
"Do you want to go see Top Gun tonight?"

"Sizzle Sizzle"
by MaybeWeirdYetMaybeWise July 11, 2022
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