gettin head. when a girl orally pleases you. it involves suckin and is messy if not done correctly, hints the name.
"hey girl, how bout servin me up a slurpy"
by Playboy November 12, 2003
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The act of going down on a girl while she takes a dump; akin to the blumpy, but for girls.
Spencer: "Dude are you taking a dump??"
Carmen: "Yea, it's gross too. Come give me a slurpy."
Spencer: "Okay."
by Graham W. September 1, 2007
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when you cum in your bitch, then eat that pussy out
dude last night i gave my girl a slurpy. she calls me the slurpy king.
by TOB fo eva December 8, 2004
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another name for chick, chica, hot girl, sluts, bitches, etc... used when said name girls are in close proximity so you dont sound like some kind of creep.
Check out this slurpis behind me!
by suicide mike February 17, 2010
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A Slut With Herpes. (Slut + Herpes)
Guy #1: Yo, I had raw sex with Vicky and Wendy last night.
Guy #2: You Idiot! Those girls are Slurpies!
Guy #1: Nooooooo, Now I got Herpes!!!
by puppycat March 16, 2009
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Cunnilingus. As blowjob is to fellatio, "slurpie" is to cunnilingus.
"C'mon baby, gimmie a slurpie", she moaned, dropping her panties and spreading her legs.
by Michael August 8, 2004
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A frozen, usually fruit flavored ice drink that Arabian immigrants sell at your local 7-11.

For more on Arabian Immigrants, see also Dune Coon, Towel Head, andCamel Jockey.
Joe: Hey, Larry! Let's go get a slurpie from 7-11!

Larry: Yeah! I hear the Dune Coon is working their today!

Joe: Dammit! He always rips us off!

Larry: Oh yeah...
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