Someone who acts and/or says things like an diot, but in the most adorable way possible. They dont think before htey speak sometimes. They usually have a great laugh that goes along with their doofiness. Also, they make the best faces in pictures.
Oh that Liz Huggins, what a doof.
by fatassfrohn January 16, 2010
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german: er ist doof
english translation: he is stupid
by german357 March 30, 2010
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A combination of the words "dork" and "goof", usually used in a joking manner. However, when someone does something really stupid it can be used to point out their stupidity.
Friend: I saw you in the Bio room yesterday!
Me: I wasn't at school yesterday, ya doof!

Friend: We walked past the marshmallows twice while we were looking for them!
Me: Wow, ya big doof!
by Alyena April 1, 2008
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A dufus/doofus, a foolish person.
Don't let him in. That doofy-ass fuck's too big of a doof to hang out around here.
by Anonymous November 8, 2002
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An idiot; Food spelled backwards; The sound associated with hitting another in the back of the head with your open palm.
"You are such a fuckin doof"

"Doof is food! Erere!"

"Grr... *doof* "
by Buck May 30, 2004
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Australian term for a rave, particularly one held in the bush, attended by stinking feral hippies with dogs.Proper Doof music is distressing similar to Goa Trance.
"I fucken hate doof music, it's for drug fucked retards"
by glasrauch April 9, 2003
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Someone who is so uncool that they're not even worthy of the entire word "doofus".
he's dresses so horrid he's such a doof.
by bmccclan July 30, 2008
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