When something pops off or goes hard. Above the average. When something is cool.
P1: Ay bro, did you see that Avatar: The Last Airbender is on Netflix?
P2: Yeah bro that cums!
by Boess June 13, 2020
Look, you're in school. You're bored. So yeah hi there.
I busted a FAT nut and my cum went all over the place.
by I'll see you in 2031 November 19, 2020
A salty liquid usually put in tea to add flavour or texture
:Would you like cum in your #tea

:yes please i would love some cum in my tea
by Probablydead May 24, 2020
the white stuff that comes out of your pee pee
¨Mom! There's white stuff coming out of my peen!" "That's cum son."
by SmAlLpEeN December 3, 2018