Number of users with the file on a file sharing network.

Also, a variable number in an algorithm that changes based on this number, "the seed".
The seed of a random number generator is usually time.
by Resorath June 26, 2004
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Derek Wolf Planted his seed in his wife. She accepted all of his seed. His seed is growing.
by Deez September 18, 2003
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meaning either your sperm, which you plant to grow a 'child' or a child which you have to feed to make him/her grow.
Is that your seed in her belly?
by cErTiFiEd December 14, 2004
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"I repeat if I die My seed will be ill like me." - Ghostface Killah's part in "7th Chamber" by Wu-Tang Clan
by FlyAway July 19, 2011
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A seedy person. One whom is the seediest.
a: oh my god.. I drank so much last night, did I look okay?

b: nah man, you're the biggest seed in all the photos!
by alltorndown October 27, 2011
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Someone who is a legend and an all around awesome person.
That kid Robert is a seed! He's captain of the basketball team and gets all the girls. I wish I was him!
by kseed March 26, 2011
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British term for marijuana. See also weed, pot, ganja, mary jane, etc...
"I haven't had any seed since I got this stupid country."
by FeldBum January 13, 2005
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