a person/animal/other organism that does actions/things that are unfavorable and seen by others as stupid, it's also an insult to a person who is pea-brained.
bosco:10+10 is not twenty it don't have ten in it!
Damien: bosco u fucking dumbass it doesn't need to have that to be twenty
Ben:seriously bosco, did you skip 1st grade or something?
by a wild bandaid May 7, 2017
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someone who is an idiot or stupid but more aggressively meant and said
i am a dumbass
by urmomshot June 30, 2022
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Your a dumbass
by A bitchy kid November 6, 2020
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A person is both stupid (e.g. dumb) while also stubbornly refusing to stop being stupid when asked (e.g. ass)
I couldn't teach him how to use the paintball gun because he was running around with it between his legs like a dumbass.
by dumbass September 17, 2003
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somebody who answers when you yell "hey dumbass!"
mean person:hey dumbass!

by Big LJ October 17, 2006
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A great word that is used by Red Foreman from the 70's show on FOX.
Red Foreman: Kitty that foriegn kid is a dumbass
by Endless Shadow December 21, 2003
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