The act of giving a vigorous hand job and when your partner is about to ejaculate, place a toothpick in their urethra and watch it launch like a "javelin".
Herbert made Keith javelin so hard he broke a window.
by Daewoo April 1, 2008
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1.This is a long wood stick with a sharp metal square tip. 2. Kate
When she walk into a room all you see is a walking javelin.
by Gotta love it! May 31, 2007
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An sexual act consisting of almost perfect timing and skill. The easiest way to pull off this maneuver is to be already in the "Doggie" Style position. Right before the man "finishes" he pulls out and rams it home in the alternate hole while finishing in that single final thrust.
I tried the Javelin last night but ended up fracturing my pee pee in the process :D
by Nick LaRose September 7, 2008
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An alternative name for zoot, spliff or blunt. Originating from the term dart for cigarette and their correlating shape.
Are you bunning a javeline.
by K town krew March 27, 2021
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When you put your mouth over a guys penis when he is soft, as if you are deep-throating, and then wait for him to get hard and he pelvic thrusts with a force greater or equal to the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, impaling ones throat.


When you force a person's mouth over your penis when it's soft and you become hard thus causing them to gag and tearing their throat lining causing a series of recurring hospital visits.
Did you hear Ron javelined Katie this weekend?

Bill would love to javelin Tim in bed but Tim isn't into it.

Sam wants to be javelined but they are waiting for someone special.

A Javelin can be a welcome surprise or not.
by Squeege in the eye November 26, 2020
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a term for smoking marijuana either in a joint or blunt form
by qt7824 October 29, 2011
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A premier rocket-launcher that is designed to replace the M47 Dragon and other current AT rocket-launchers. The Javelin can also shoot down helicopters as an optional capability.
"It's no FIM-92 Stinger though. ^_~ "
by Dave September 10, 2004
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