A very thin jointthough still smoked, if not long enough will dissapoint
Steve: Yo man smoke this shit
Me: Dude thats a toothpick! Id get a better high from Jesus!
by spamelope May 10, 2005
a person who is diagnosed with or suffers from any kind of cancer disease,indicating the loss of weight and decline in health after all the chemo therapies and medication.
Uncle Sam was at the doctor's last week.He is a toothpick now.
by milanfanabhi January 13, 2010
Occurs when swimming 10 minutes after urinating.
hey does it feel like you have a toothpick in your dick?
by Kade,blaine May 18, 2008
a toothpik is a very skinny person.You can have the word in slang by sayin toothy woothy
hey toothpick gain some weight skinny,dont get caught in the breeze,,wear some weights toothy woothy or you might blown away...old toothy woothy dont blow away.
by boen November 12, 2007
The utter proof that society has lost it's head.
Have you ever read the wrapper of a toothpick?
Well you might find that that clears it up for you.
by [GUC] a monkey August 11, 2003
What resembles tyson's dick
hey toothpick boy!
by Josh March 24, 2004
A name for a person who's overly thin, and appears to look like a toothpick. Basically, someone who's so skinny that it looks like you could break them in half, like a toothpick.
"Dude, look over there. Toothpick looks like he's gonna snap in half any minute now. . ."
by coolspyro17 November 21, 2012