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A person who is physically attracted to men, women and animals.
My trisexual beliefs get me in trouble at church and the petting zoo.
by Nick LaRose July 10, 2008

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A sexual act which consists of one parter doing a hand stand while the other partner takes a dump on their chest.
Billy hates when his girlfriend gives him a Chameleon Mudslide because there is always a mess to clean up :)
by Nick LaRose July 10, 2008

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An sexual act consisting of almost perfect timing and skill. The easiest way to pull off this maneuver is to be already in the "Doggie" Style position. Right before the man "finishes" he pulls out and rams it home in the alternate hole while finishing in that single final thrust.
I tried the Javelin last night but ended up fracturing my pee pee in the process :D
by Nick LaRose September 06, 2008

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