1. Something you should keep shut lest you'll be put on blast.

2. A target, i.e. For a punch, kick or dick.

3. A 6' bong
1. After incessant shit-talking, he warned "your mouth" and put and end to it.

2. Any time a face gets blasted, "YOUR MOUTH!!!"
3. What's that thing in the corner? "Your mouth."
by Your Mouth April 9, 2016
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1. To insert, place or shove something similarly shaped to or an actual penis into one's mouth. 2. To thrust, spew or release a load of semen with great pressure into someone's mouth.
Example, If you don't shut up, I am going to put this in your mouth!
by Allworld June 18, 2008
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A phrase commonly used in streetball after making a shot that someone(usually a friend) said you wouldn't make, especially if they also tried to contest the shot.
by saying the term you are basically implying that they should just shut the hell up
opponent:"yo,you no your not gonna make this shot"
*you shoot, and friend tries to contest it*
*ball goes in*
by theG1goodson July 25, 2010
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A combination of "suck my dick" and "in your face" when used to comeback at somebody
Player 1: You suck at basketball

(Player 2 drains shot in his face)

Player 2: In your mouth
by gregb#3 January 11, 2012
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When you and your freinds are shooting 3’s and every time you shoot you choose someone’s family member who if you make the shot your nuts go in there mouth
Jimmy “In Your Mouth toms mom”

*drains a three*

by Aj Chisholm November 1, 2020
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abbrev. IYM; oftentimes used to replace "that's what she said". Created by the employees at Legacy Tattoos & Piercing in Beebe, AR.
person 1: "I'm coming."
person 2: "in your mouth (iym)."
by Whoolly Burger November 4, 2010
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this verbal warning and boundary is provided when someone takes personal offense to what someone else is saying. It is meant to urge the person to reconsider what they are saying.

The term can be followed up with an “or else” but it is usually the final warning before a consequence is given (a slap, getting blocked, etc.)
Ann: People from Chicago are lazy, stupid, and unconcerned.

Vance: Uh, I’m from Chicago.

Ann: So?

Vance: So Watch your mouth
by gayandaloof July 20, 2020
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