Its origin of the name comes from Britain and can be defined as to be successful or a bright person. In very rare cases the name as been linked to hispanics as well or as either a first or last name. They are very deep thinkers and are usually the voice of reason, though not very assertive in displaying their impressive deductive and inductive reasoning skills they tend to around the right moment. In addition they also enjoy adventure and getting out a lot. They are calm, compassionate, genuine, and can handle large amounts of stress without letting anyone know, in part because they prefer to not bring anyone down with their own dramas. Herberts may appear as though they're very nice and innocent, but tend to contain a dark deviant side to them. They usually don't like following certain rules & will sometimes challenge them. Though they have good control of their deviance when intoxicated they usually tend to let it out.
"Oh sounds like Herbert is having a blast!"

"Come on man, its Herbert, of course he's smart."

"Herbert is always acting silly."

"Ya Herbert always has creative imagination."
by Herbert2010 February 23, 2010
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1. n. One who is intolerant of ideas that challenge political, social, or moral norms.

2. n. Someone who promotes a way of life that aggravates hippies.
Fans of "Star Trek" may recall the episode in which Captain Kirk was called a 'Herbert' by the "Space Hippies", much to his chagrin. Most believe this episode marks the point at which the series Jumped the Shark.

Kirk: What does 'Herbert' mean?
Spock: It is, um, somewhat, uh, uncomplimentary, Captain. Herbert was a minor official...notorious for his rigid and limited...patterns of thought.
Kirk: Well, I shall try to be less rigid in my thinking.
by A.D.H. January 13, 2006
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A male, working-class, youth generally associated with the punk/ska/oi music scene. Unlike punkers, rude boys and skins the herbert has a unkempt appearance and longer hair almost like a hippy.
I went to the Specials show and had a great time until a Herbert spilled his beer on me.
by Frank_Richo December 9, 2010
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Highly intelligent. Apt to fields of medicine, IT and History.

Compassionate to a fault. Sensual beyond measure. Loving, appreciative and extremely kind.
Herberts born in the early 70's and residing in the DC Metro area.
by Herb's Pumpkin February 3, 2010
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Someone with huge nipples. They usually wear really tight clothes so you can see it more clearly.
"What's that?"

Oh it's Herbert, his nipples are in the way...
by itcanbeunseentruth October 20, 2011
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The Star Trek reference to Kirk being called a Herbert could not have been the point when Star Trek 'jumped the shark' as the term was not coined until 1977 when the Fonz actually jumped a shark!
You are a Herbert!
by j0hn52 December 8, 2015
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A Herbert is a person who at times may be dorky, a loser, says things that they believe are funny..but arent. In most cases a Herbert is a Russell.
You. are. such. A. Herbert.
by English Partner :) December 8, 2010
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