Excessively short trousers resulting in the exposure of ankles, and in extreme cases, calves.
haha, look at them jack ups
by potusss January 23, 2007
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This is a phrase largely equivilent to fucked up or screwed up. It roughly means "in a state of disarray" and is commonly used in the phrase "to jack someone/something up". In some cases, the meaning may be slightly altered by the fact that to get "jacked" can mean to be struck or injured.
That's jacked up man. I can't belive your girlfriend is cheating on you.

I got in a wreck last night. My car got totally jacked up.
by pete August 12, 2004
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Derogative term for trousers worn too short (approx 1-3 inches above the shoe), often with white socks underneath making the jack-up more obvious.
Check that guy's jack-ups
My best trousers had shrunk, resulting in fairly serious jack-ups
by Nicky November 29, 2004
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1. not working properly or as intended.
2. having used a large quantity of speed, cocaine, or other amphetamine.
3. cut or lacerated by means of a make-shift knife or blade. see SKIV
4. In generally poor or injured condition.
sense "1": "This is so JACKED UP! She said she'd be here at eight!"
sense "4": "I want to play, but my shoulder's still JACKED UP from last weekend.
by mainframe November 1, 2003
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In the military, to be given a stern talking-to by an NCO for some offense or omission.
"We all got jacked up this morning for calling him 'sergeant-major' instead of RSM."
"On course they'll jack you up if you aren't wearing dress uniform in your ID photo."
by HellHound May 5, 2015
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1. Incrase sharply

2. Inject illegal drugs

3. Raise a car to be able to do mechanical work
1. Jack up the oil prices

2. Jack up heroin four times a day

3. Jack up the car and change the tyre
by osmokozmo October 26, 2007
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1.) To be in a state of disarray, or an undesired position.
I wrecked my truck last night, and the front-end is all jacked-up.
by Gary J. Talley March 19, 2003
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