When you're untidy or not organised
That bird looked proper disarrayed because she found a raccoon in her underwear draw
by Riggerz October 28, 2013
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The sidekick of Professor Chaos (Butters). General Disarray's grandmother owns a storage area, which is used by Professor Chaos as his evil headquarters.
General Disarray, prepare the dynamite
by Who The **** Is The Coon? March 27, 2009
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1 When your disarray is so great that the universe does a kick flip and makes you fold and fold until reality is no longer an illusion but a time bomb waiting to go off. 2 a confused circus man.
I've learned the earth ends today and I'm in Arobic disarray
by Theology_princess September 13, 2022
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Lemme guess, you're searching up vocaloid lyrics?
Grow up kid, "The arbitrated colors of a variegated disarray" is just a lyric from 'Aura' by Ghost.
by GCALKCA June 17, 2022
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