1) To really whoop someone physically or verbally; to hand it to them.

When adjectivized ({wrecked}) it becomes a word to describe how messed up someone was becuase of a physical or verbal beating, or sometimes because of substance abuse.
1) When the volleyball team ran the guantlet to initiate their freshmen, Bean picked up a sandal and totally wrecked someone.
2) I totally wrecked my histroy teacher when we debated Fascism vs. totalitarianism.
3) Last night I met up with Mike and smoked a bowl, I was so wrecked that I couldn't find my way back home.
by The General March 28, 2004
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to enjoy completely and thoroughly.
to have a totally complete sexual encounter leaving partner so satisfied that they are unable to move.

Term was first observed in Family Guy while Brian was speaking of Lois to Peter.
While scouting the scene at a club, one guy says to the other, "Would you have sex with her?" Other guy replies, "Oh yea, I'd wreck that!"
by Mesh69inUSA January 12, 2008
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You best check yoself before you wreck yoself
by mkelp September 23, 2003
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1. Someone who looks tired, cranky, angry, or any other bad emotion.
2. Shit or crap.
1. "Man, you're a wreck! Out late drinking last night?"
2. "Don't wreck yourself, it's just a spider!"
by kali mac September 2, 2005
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If hip-hop dies before I wake up--I'd put in an extended clip, roll into the station and wreck the DJ.
by mamma murder November 14, 2010
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1. to do good in something such as sports or freestyling
2. sex
1. Westfield be wreckin' on them boys.
2. Ol' girl gonna let me wreck.
by *Wonderboy Marvel* May 10, 2003
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To hurt badly, cause great pain.
ARGH, that wrecks!
by Anonymous April 1, 2003
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