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When someone's feelings are hurt, often results in great things being removed.
Offense is the main cause of comedy removal.
by Skelwor August 10, 2009
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to help a friend out with a member of the opposite sex by "talking them up"; A wingman will play offense for his buddy to help him get laid
Bro 1: "Dude that girl is so hot, play offense for me!"
Bro 2 (to girl): "Hey what's up, have you met my friend Bro 1? He's captain of the football team and thinks you're pretty cute. You should talk to him"

Girl: "OMG OK"
by courthouse September 11, 2013
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it is the opposite of no-offense, say it when you are meaning to offend or annyoy someone.
guy: hey man your sister is a bit of a slut...offense!

man: ouch guy..that offended me!
by misnon122 December 19, 2009
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