Clothing that makes you free of judgements based on clothing by being constricting, uncomfortable and generally ugly.
We used to get demerits from the nuns for not wearing our uniforms properly.
by Vampiro September 11, 2003
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a dress or suit that you would wear to school, or the clothes you would wear to an automotive shop if you work there.
Dwight wears his uniform to work
by Eric Pashia September 12, 2003
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When a girl wears both ugg boots and a north face fleece at the same time. Typically these girls "fake bake", have straightened long hair, date total "bros", and wear their college sweat shirt under their fleece. It is also common to see a girl in "uniform" to be carrying a small dog in their purse underneath their arm. Most girls in uniform are not good for conversation as they are only interested in older guys who lift weights, play football, and play beer pong. Girls in uniform typically drink Natural Light or Bud Light as it's the cheapest beer they can find for parties. The most popular combination for the uniform to be worn is a black north face fleece, brown ugg boots, despite the fact that many girls claim that brown and black can't be worn together and dark skinny jeans. Another variant includes sweat pants instead of skinny jeans.

Synonyms include: bro hoe, robo-ho(implies no originality), bro army candy
John: Wow that girl is hot!

Kyle: Yeah okay... if you're into girls in uniform.

John: Are kidding me?

Kyle: No, she looks like every other girl that just walked in. Plus, you don't lift weights and aren't good at beer pong so she's not gonna be interested in you.
by uniformhater April 22, 2009
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Something a catholic school forces student to wear to become one under god's eyes or some bullshit like that
Here comes the uniform nazis again
by grr September 13, 2003
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twenty-something female (used occas. for males), with the same outfit and look as all her other popular friends. seen in cities at nightclubs, shopping malls, and yoga classes. uniforms age, but stay the same-just more creased.
see all the uniforms at Guess?
yah, must be a sale.
by LH, CDW July 13, 2006
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An act of making any situation really boring. Most likely found in schools and libraries.
-Hey, you going to the library after school?
-No. Libraries are Satan's asshole.
-Have you seen all the uniformation there? Disgusting.
by Elye. July 8, 2015
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To be uniform; remaining the same in all cases and at all times; unchanging in form or character.
The results Sean observed indicated a uniformative pattern
by Mr. Dalgleish August 23, 2022
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