to get drunk, beyond drunk, because of a bad day or week
Man, I had three exams today, im gonna get wrecked tonight
by M-City April 22, 2005
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To totally beat or ruin; creme
Oh man!! Dude, he wrecked you!
by Jerad November 29, 2003
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tired. Ali G uses wrecked to mean tired.
I worked all night and me is as wrecked as 'ell. me is goin to bed.
by Weezki December 23, 2004
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to be incredibly stoned from marijuana. so stoned one sits int he same spot contemplating colors and food.
man i was so wrecked i ate 8 chicken sandwhiches and thought about blue. that music was fucking good.
by Hashimoto December 10, 2002
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To annihilate or complete destroy. Used best in a metaphorical (or literal) sense in regard to something biological in nature.
1: Cryst dude, you wrecked that fucking bathroom. What the fuck did you eat??

2: I wrecked that girl's asshole last weekend. I had no idea she was in to anal like that.
by jlovato August 23, 2006
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(adj) Extremely ugly, beat, busted, broke down, or tore up.
When Tony realized the girl he met over the internet looked nothing like the Cindy Crawford picture she'd sent him and was actually totally wrecked, he realized he had no choice but to tell her he had a bad case of the beer shits and sneak out the bathroom window.
by Nick D July 6, 2004
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The hammer splatted my thumbnail and it wrecked!
by DJ Jaybee September 9, 2004
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