Someone who draws negative attention by not having their shit together. Most commonly used in jail.
The pigs wouldn't have tossed our cell if it weren't for that truck.
by noslack April 3, 2015
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To run over on a football field
Ol boy got trucked yesterday on the field
by dezpimpin32514 September 17, 2003
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another four-wheeled vehicle with a flat bed in the back used for storage of equipment, groceries, small recreational vehicles, tools, or extra people. The pickup truck (as previously described) is the most popular automobile among men.
by Jack Hitgood May 26, 2005
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Connection, association, or interaction with a person/place/thing; usually used in a negative sense.
My grandfather won't have any truck with computers.
by NashvilleMac July 15, 2010
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A vehicle of a redneck, which he drives to a date with his girlfriend instead of carring grass for cows.
My truck is Dodge, my neck is red.
by Vabq May 7, 2006
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a word to describe someone/things extreme greatness. it is also a multi use term and can mean anything. it also can be used as an action word.
that dude is a truck
he's truckin'
i trucked her in the ass
is that a truck?!
by doep July 14, 2009
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