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Someone who draws negative attention by not having their shit together. Most commonly used in jail.
The pigs wouldn't have tossed our cell if it weren't for that truck.
by noslack April 02, 2015
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A word widely used in county jail. It can be a noun, adjective or verb. Meaning slow, dumb, or dull. It describes stupid or unnecessary behavior, or person who demonstrates such behavior. Also, the action of such behavior is "trucking" it or "trucking" up. Syn. See,dumbass dipshit. Antonym: See genius.
1. "I can't believe homeboy traded his tray right in front of the D.O." "I know, what a Truck. I hope he has fun in the hole"
2. "Man Frasier was straight trucking it today at work. Got himself rolled up for being such a Truck Norris"
3. You're a truck, Truck Liddell, Truckasaurus, "Trucks Only!", Kentrucky, etc.
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by BorderlineDegenerate August 17, 2016
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The metal part underneath a skateboard that holds the wheels in place (kind of like an axle on a car). Used for grinding (riding on rails or waxed services).
You should get new trucks because yours are cracked.
by whydoihavetowritemyname January 31, 2006
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They are the device that attaches the wheels to the skateboard.
When he grinds, his trucks throw sparks!
by Matt March 03, 2005
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A large vechile presumably with a bed for hauling, moving, towing, or even storing what needs be.

The absolute worst thing a person could do to a truck would include the following (these are all sins of god, and you will be punished accordingly):
-lowering it 'til it's an inch or less from the ground
-adding neon lights
-adding a fuckin ricer exhaust system... which most of time would just include tips or some other retarded peice of chrome
-adding giant ass rims to it, then stretching these tiny ass treads over'em that look like they'll pop any second

A real fuckin truck would include the following:
-A "body-on-frame"
-A real fuckin engine, varies from size of the truck (ex. an S10 with a small block, a brand new giant Ram 2500 with a Cummins Diesel)
-Four wheel drive... because some of us have the balls to get off the blacktop, just for fun or required for certain jobs, which most of you BMW pricks would be afraid of, don't wanna raw up them soft hands

-a nice leveling kit and/or lift kit
-some differential lockers with some beefy axles
-good ol' 15"/16"/17" wrapped with some treads depending on what terrian you work/play in (crawlers, boggers, LT's, swampers, AT's, 32"-40", etc.)
-sway bars, roll bars
-engine upgrades

Trucks are great vehicles. They are designed to do things cars can't, and most of them are built solid like a rock. Last long. Work hard and play hard. Besides the MPG... why wouldn't you want a truck?
"Holy fuck did you that gay ass low rider?!?"

"Yeah.. what the fuck is wrong with that guy... go buy a ricer!"

"That pour little 'yota will never get used properly."

"It's like watching a retarded kid try to cut down an oak tree with a fork."

"...No it's like watchin a retarded kid turn a truck into a peice of shit."
by I have balls in my nut sack September 21, 2008
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another four-wheeled vehicle with a flat bed in the back used for storage of equipment, groceries, small recreational vehicles, tools, or extra people. The pickup truck (as previously described) is the most popular automobile among men.
by Jack Hitgood May 26, 2005
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