Code word for cocaine. Alias for when you don't want everyone and their mama to know when your trying to get the hook up on some cocaine. Another way of keeping your sack a secret amongst a bunch of free loading suckas!!
Q: What's up with that game today?

A: What game you talking about?

Q: That freaking white socks game bro?

A: Oh that game, the score is off the hook!

by Sir Charles September 11, 2007
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The spelling of people who are white sox fans and too embarrassed to spell the teams name right after being killed by the twins on the field.
Random: Hey billy, is that white sox I see you texting to your gf?

Billy: No, you see, this is white socks, like mom, i forgot my white socks at home.

Jesus: He is lying my son. Like I said, the eleventh commandment, though shou not be a fan of white sox, they are the devil.
by thatjesusguyforreal August 31, 2008
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A civil servant or lowly paid employee of a major corporation. Designed to make simple tasks such as paying bills or applying for services more difficult than they actually are.
These people only wear white socks, as they are too poor or uneducated to be able to present themselves properly.
Applying for any government service, and having to fill out 5 forms when 1 will do. Then a month later when you enquire as to how you application is going, you have to re-apply as they inform you that you filed the wrong forms. You have been white socked!
by Edward McKay March 15, 2007
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The socks you wear to cross anyone up anytime, anywhere
Yo I fw those white socks homie. Please don’t break my ankles.
by SirNades February 27, 2018
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when a guy is buttfucking a chick and he pulls out real fast and rips out the lining of the chick's ass.

the meaning of the word and the word have nothing in common, besides the fact that they are synonymous.
If i gave a chick a white sock, i'd be screwed forever since no one would let me buttfuck them again.
by reynolds is a fag March 23, 2005
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Someone who wears white socks with a suit and dress shoes.
Cale - Did you see Jalin's socks?

Prescott - Yeah, what a white socks.
by Fluttershy42 January 19, 2012
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You know Jim has no class even though he was dressed up because he still had white socks on.
by codenamesmash December 29, 2009
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