Inject is an adjective defining something beyond infected. Also used to describe a busted woman or whenever it sounds good.

Ex: two girls one cup is inject
by supraron December 25, 2013
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A word used to describe drugs that are injected into the blood stream in one way or another, therefore injectables.
Katharine: " You gonna hook me up with some injectables?"
by Kulvinderjeet Singh October 23, 2007
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To inherit characteristics of a certain nationality/ethnicity from your father. The “injection” is the ejaculation inside that person’s mother during their conception.
Susan: How does your son know how to make such delicious Italian?
Nancy: Didn't you know? He’s Italian by injection.
by pieceofmind June 22, 2021
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An injection is a map f: A -> B such that
f(a)=f(b) => a=b for all a,b in A
The map f: R -> R given by f(x)=ax+b is injective.


f(c)=f(d) <=> ac+b = ad+b <=> c=d

Q. E. D.
by qsqazxcvfrew March 29, 2018
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(noun) the depositing of sperm in the vagina

see also squirting jam into a donut
"I'm going over to give Fat Annie a rubdown , a tongue bath and an injection."
by Jake March 24, 2004
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(also known as mainlining)
The point where you/someone else injects/puts drugs into them self with a needle.

This doesn't have to include bad drugs eg. speed,heroin and any other drugs.

This can include drugs like; The chicken pox injection to prevent you from getting this disease.
the Doctor injected me with a prevention for cervical cancer today.

First Guy: Dude, what you injecting now?
Second Guy: Just Some more speed......
First Guy: Dude, you're gay if you use drugs!
by Zack.S October 09, 2008
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