242 definitions by pete

Something pretty unpleasant and guaranteed to spoil a date. Some strange little seals and a rodent creature also sing about this on www.rathergood.com Can you feel it baby!
I experienced some anal seepage, and had to make excuses to leave incase my date smelt anything funny.
by pete November 2, 2004
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a male who is a sex slave to a woman; she is domainant over him. he has to obey her every command.
jenna has a male slave he does everything she says
by pete October 7, 2003
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A penis. manfat is a word for semen.
I rogered Sara from behind with my man fat shooter.
by pete November 15, 2004
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A threesome between a girl and 2 guys.
She was into 2 guys and they were both there that night so she had a manwich.
by pete March 22, 2004
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n. a free trip provided by employer etc... considered a perk
"another junket this week"
by pete January 20, 2004
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When someone is fucking another person in the ass and jizz in their ass. Then the person farts the jizz out onto the someone's face.
I was quite suprised when Jen Messy Matted on me, leaving me with the disgusting smell of fart and the gross texture of jizz on my face
by pete March 18, 2004
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