Abbreviation for "Non Commissioned Officer". Only enlisted people are NCOs.
I am an NCO in the air force. And no, i don't fly an F15. Only commissioned officers do.
by TooCrooked August 30, 2003
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1. A non-commissioned officer in the armed forces.
2. Someone who stayed in the army long enough to get promoted to being "above useless".
3. A service member in the armed forces that pretends to give a damn about lower enlisted soldiers, but actually is only looking to advance their career.
4. Non-Caring Officer
5. Someone too stupid to get an actual commission.
Sure he's an NCO, but he's been in for 15 years and he's still an E-5.
by Private First Class June 18, 2008
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New Crew Order

A term for a bunch of bros living in the streets of woodstream. That just hang around doing rebellious stuff, eating franks, riding out and just enjoying life one second at a time. And will occasionally pull some wrestling moves on any shoobies trying to come in there hood.
Man I was walking with my daughter when the NCO swooped in and pulled a one winged angel on me.
by NCO4lyfe April 26, 2019
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Non Commissioned Officer. The NCO is the military. The NCO is everything new soldiers/marines/sailors wish they were. NCO's are smarter, faster, more deadly, and more ferocious than any other service member in the military. The NCO cares for the members below him and is responsible for their lives. The NCO actively demonstrates what a bad ass mother fucker should be. Crossing paths with an NCO is about the most foolish thing a new enlistee or new officer can do as the NCO will make their lives a living hell. Good officers recognize the value that well seasoned NCO's bring to the table. Privates and Seamen can only dream of being as courageous and as deadly as an NCO.
Joe/Officer: Uggggghhhhhh why are we doing dime and washer drills?

by elwoodblues85 July 06, 2011
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No clothes on
Man: Its do this is Nco on ;)
Woman: ok ;)
by Jolly hugs November 05, 2017
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When Non-Commissioned Officers of a military service make up words to sound educated, even though they clearly lack any sophisticated language skills.

This includes terminology such as Irregardless, which is now so mainstream that it appears in Merriam-Webster's dictionary despite the "Ir-" prefix acting as a negation, so the definition shifts to "not regardless" creating helpless confusion among any that actually know how to use English when this particular atrocity is used.
"Irregardless, you need to get that done, Private."

"I'm sorry, I'm an English major so I don't understand your NCO Speak."
by TheSpecialist October 16, 2013
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