The urban name for snakes. Country folks often use this word in the summertime when snakes are very active.
Be careful in them woods, and watch out for them no-shoulders. You know they can sneak up on you.
by Joshua Turner June 3, 2011
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A widely used phrase in Ireland, given to a 350ml bottle of alcoholic spirits. Most commonly vodka or whiskey....Known to be a powerful instrument in tackling the problem of sobriety
"I might buy a few beers for the party"

"Stop being a bitch and get a shoulder"
by Dick Steel April 9, 2008
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When you are walking down the street and someone gets in your way so you lean your shoulder into him when you collide.
That lame ass was looking down at his iPod while walking so I shouldered him.
by SirFWALGMan September 25, 2009
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"That shirt showsyour shoulder"
by *tweak* September 9, 2003
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To have a shouler up your vagina
When Olivia jumped off of Jonathans shoulders, she got shouldered
by WOOO* July 1, 2008
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the comparative of should. usually used when somebody tries to boss you around.
A: you should do some work for me
B: you shoulder get the fuck out of here
by N/A me May 13, 2018
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(Verb) : a very intimate distraction from seeing a bare woman’s shoulder that breaks dress code
Bro she got in trouble for shouldering.

I can’t take it when I see her shouldering.
by Blaine train February 22, 2019
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