term used to describe prison in which you are totally isolated.
"Mike's in the shoe"
by rosalie July 3, 2004
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An alternate phrase for the shit. Commonly used by Mormon and other teens who cannot use profanity. This is similar to a Profanity Loophole.
by BasharTeg July 28, 2003
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To give someone a good kicking
That mma fighter took a good shoeing but still got a good win
by Hottub1974 October 20, 2018
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Houses for your feet.
Hey, where do your feet live?

In my shoes, what, you been chiefing?
by Kalljuian March 12, 2005
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No, this is not the shoe you put on your foot. This word is means “show” but the creators friend spells it shoe-
Me: i made a new OC
Friend: shoe

Me: *shows oc*

by LUM1N0S1TY June 30, 2023
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A person that is still in the closet, like a shoe.
Is he gay?
Idk probably I think he's a shoe.
by Enomised October 21, 2016
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