The state that anyone who looks down on another country, race, sex or human being lives in.
"Americans are all fat, stupid and arrogant."
"English people have bad teeh and we saved them in WW2!"
"I hate chinese people."
by Mat November 09, 2003
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Forming an "opinion" on a subject for which one knows absolutely nothing about and voicing that opinion, thus showing lack of knowledge or ambition to becoming remotely intelligent on the subject mattter.
Ignorance is choosing to do something just because someone told you that you need to, or that you should without doing the research for yourself to make an educated and informed decision.
by CB49 December 28, 2011
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Most of these definitions are wrong, ignorance is the assumption of utmost knowing about a subject when you clearly have no clue and when you try to get into a subject you have no idea about, it has nothing to do with being dull or not knowing it is the belief or pretending that you know and trying to give your two cents when you have never even researched the topic
Ignorant Asshole-Soccer is a gay sport invented by women, so it showed be played by women.

Informed Person-Dude do you even know what your talking about, it was evented by a group of college boys in 1863 in England, it takes an incredible amount of skill and has grown to be the world most popular sport with a growing rate 3.5 billion people worldwide, god you have so much Ignorance

Ignorant Asshole-Wait...whats Soccer again
by Bob Deeedly July 07, 2011
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The willing or unwilling extinguishing of the mind toward a particular subject. Generally, ignorance results in confusion and anger, which themselves result in the idolization of emotionalist and collectivist world-views: a mindless, emotional attachment to the super-organism of a collective, whether that be a society, tribe or gang.
If an individual remains willfully ignorant toward a particular subject, the individual is forced to make unreasonable appeals to experts, authority figures, and, depending on the individual's corroded state of mind, a collective (mob rule). These unreasonable appeals are often utilized to compensate for the individual's lack of substance (knowledge). Through the blind faith in experts, authority figures and collectives, the distortion of data for political purposes arise. As distortion of data (which results in incremental detachment from reality) strengthens, the individual, being ignorant, is treated like a child or an irrational animal to be rounded up, controlled and directed toward a mythological 'common good'. The individual is dumbed down even further through the mediums of education manipulation and excessive entertainment amusements to keep the individual distracted from self-cultivation, character and asking questions.

The only cure for ignorance is the pursuit of knowledge and thus knowing thyself (mastering the body, mind and senses through the exercise of reason). In short, the only cure for ignorance is the triumph of reason. Anything contrary to reason is slavery. Slavery is ignorance. Ignorance is death. Death produces zombies.

β€œAristotle was asked how much educated men are superior to the uneducated: "As much," said he, "as the living are to the dead” - Diogenes.
by icomeinpeace July 13, 2010
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Lacking education and mental capacity, therefore, engaging in behavior commonly referred to as Eduard & Bryan.
You know how much I hate ignorance. Don't go all Eduard & Bryan on me. Shut your yap and listen for once.
by I Am The Hydra August 23, 2009
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Apparently, it is bliss. And it also seems to be the cause of a large majority of the world's problems. So bliss causes shit to happen.
Extremist terrorists blow themselves up to go to heaven, which is bliss, at the same time leaving a shitload of chaos behind. Sheer ignorance.
by grabaka hitman May 12, 2010
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