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The opposite of brainfreeze, this happens when you eat something very spicy (it works mostly with that hot Chinese mustard in restaurants) and it sends a burning sensation up your nose and into your skull. This happens even more frequently when you eat more of it while the feeling is in your nose...

Usually dissipates in a few seconds
I just dipped that fried noodle in too much hot mustard, now I have brainfire!
by Shadow Creator August 20, 2008
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Extremely thick and disgusting ass hair or underarm hair.
Man, she has a load of buckwheat. I wouldn't go near her, bob!
by Shadow Creator October 11, 2007
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A largely unfounded hypothesis used to push drugs as a 'cure' to mental illness. People are fooled into accepting what is essentially marketing as 'science' by smarmy ads, vague language, and constant rehashing of the idea that emotions are medical problems.
There is no evidence for any kind of 'chemical imbalance' from birth causing any kind of mental disorder, but the pharmaceutical companies would like you to think so.
by Shadow Creator October 04, 2007
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80% of the time: An average guy on a slight power trip just doing what he told to do and wasting other peoples' time. Cops are usually trained to think that they're 'better' than citizens. Can commonly be found writing tickets, drinking coffee, and eating donuts. Perhaps sometimes they break up parties, pull over someone for DUI, or something similar. Not very adept at thinking, though. In really dangerous areas however, cops are usually bigger jackasses, but for once they're doing something useful (i.e. their JOBS.)

18% of the time: A jackass on a huge power trip that uses his enforcement powers to indirectly invoke a silly measuring contest. These guys (or also women, because female cops from my observations tend to be huge bitches with a need to act tough) feel good from humiliating people, using the maximum amount of force necessary, acting superior, etc. Tends to be the kind with a huge ego who bullied/was bullied in school and is trying to make up for it.

2% of the time: Good, hardworking people who reluctantly enforce stupid laws as little as possible while taking true violent offenders off the street. Usually pretty nice to ordinary people and good at diffusing situations.
Most cops are kind of lame, but not too horrible, a good portion are complete jackasses, and a few are worthy people. Sounds like most of society.
by Shadow Creator February 15, 2008
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The same exact thing as depression, but usually more severe. Fluffed up with the world 'clinical' to make the problem seem medical.
depressed person: im miserable

psychiatrist: oh no no no you have clinical depression

depressed person: fuck you who cares about your technicalities

psychiatrist: theres a totally different brain structure

depressed person: no there isnt you just made that up

psychiatrist: um...i dunno
by Shadow Creator October 11, 2007
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50 cent is one of the few black people who is actually a nigger in the true sense of the word. Holds black people and the entire human race back. Should be put in slave chains or shot in the face. His marketers use clever tactics to put stupid ideas in the heads of people and make him look 'tuff'.
50 cent is a great example of not only the worst of the black race, but the worst of humanity in general.
by Shadow Creator November 28, 2007
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A tool that can equalize the playing field between an arrogant big man and a scared little man.
Japan banned guns in the 1500s because peasants, who had little combat experience, were using them to overthrow the samurai caste with little effort needed.
by Shadow Creator October 26, 2007
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