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80% of the time: An average guy on a slight power trip just doing what he told to do and wasting other peoples' time. Cops are usually trained to think that they're 'better' than citizens. Can commonly be found writing tickets, drinking coffee, and eating donuts. Perhaps sometimes they break up parties, pull over someone for DUI, or something similar. Not very adept at thinking, though. In really dangerous areas however, cops are usually bigger jackasses, but for once they're doing something useful (i.e. their JOBS.)

18% of the time: A jackass on a huge power trip that uses his enforcement powers to indirectly invoke a silly measuring contest. These guys (or also women, because female cops from my observations tend to be huge bitches with a need to act tough) feel good from humiliating people, using the maximum amount of force necessary, acting superior, etc. Tends to be the kind with a huge ego who bullied/was bullied in school and is trying to make up for it.

2% of the time: Good, hardworking people who reluctantly enforce stupid laws as little as possible while taking true violent offenders off the street. Usually pretty nice to ordinary people and good at diffusing situations.
Most cops are kind of lame, but not too horrible, a good portion are complete jackasses, and a few are worthy people. Sounds like most of society.
by Shadow Creator February 15, 2008
Icelandic singer who also wrote the lyrics to Skyfire's debut album 'Timeless Departure'.
I know that Bjork has lyrical talent through her writing of Skyfire's lyrics, despite never listening to her music.
by Shadow Creator November 2, 2007
A word hurled both at people who are truly envious of something (often something really stupid) and cynics who don't give a fuck but just like to spite people because said people are dumbasses.
Cynic: Fuck these dumbasses, they're so obsessed with their money and stupid fucking cars.

random dickhead: fuck u ur just jealous nigga

Cynic: No, fuck you, dumbshit. I'm not jealous of your worthless and pathetic lifestyle.
by Shadow Creator December 11, 2007
Extremely overprescribed drug that is commonly handed out like candy. Can provide some 'numbing' effects for some, but corrects no real 'imbalance'. Much of it's 'help' is placebo effect related and it can be dangerous in many instances.
They don't need love, they're suffering from 'medical neglect', give 'em prozac!
by Shadow Creator September 4, 2007
A real time strategy game spanning the ages. The first one, at its release time, was quite good, albeit a bit cheesy.

The second release was horrible, and should not be touched with a ten foot pole. The fun completely disappeared and the units performed circa 1995 AI

The third installment is set for release in November of this year and already looks like shit judging based on the 'monsters' to be included as futuristic units and the technical problems in the beta.
Empire Earth had potential but was flopped. The developers were somewhat lazy with the first but it was much more forgivable because it was released in 2000.
by Shadow Creator September 8, 2007
Usually, some poor excuse for a sex based relationship, though this is disguised in supposed 'love'. No, I'm not bitter, I can just observe that 95%+ of 'relationships' are total horseshit.
If you don't use your brain and understand your partner, don't expect any more (or to be any more) than your average 'girlfriend'.
by Shadow Creator December 30, 2008
It's like jaywalking, an offense that virtually everyone commits. There difference between the two is that speed laws are actually enforced (though quite selectively), usually to meet quotas.
Oh noes you were speeding 90 mph in the middle of the night on the interstate with no other cars within a mile what a danger to other citizens
by Shadow Creator December 26, 2007