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A word marketeers use to imply that they are replacing something good in a product with something else, which would generate them even more money: from profiting to profiteering.
Today, courage can mean charging cellphone users for a pair of wireless headphones, which they never ask for; tomorrow, it'd mean refusing to pay hundreds of billions of dollars of tax monies to dozens of rich nations.
by MathPlus September 08, 2016
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The ability to confront pain, fear, humiliation, or anything else a person would naturally stay away from. Can be divided into Mental and Physical courage.

Mental Courage encompasses threats, attacks, and discomfort of the mind.

Physical Courage is pain, hardship, torture, and death
Ex1: Shughart and Gordon were truly courageous men. They died to defend a fellow solider who was inured and unable to move.

Ex2: Hannah was really brave today, she stood up to the other girls who were making fun of her.
by Indigoz November 28, 2006
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The ability to fight one's own instinct to run or cower by focusing on a larger deed that must be done for the greater good.
The Tankman of Tiananmen Square was extremely courageous.
by Dragon's Assistant May 26, 2009
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Origin Old French "courage", from Latin "Cor" 'heart'

1. the ability to do something that frightens one.

2. strength in the face of pain or grief.
Man did you see that?! KC went and bought stuff by herself for once, I mean she is terrified of doing stuff on her own (she used to be anyways, lol).

Look at that guy he is brave, crazy or just plain courageous, I mean he like jumped infront of that bullet!
by Alex Pipe July 08, 2004
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Knowing there is almost certain failure but doing it anyway.
He asked the supermodel out on a date. That took courage.
by TheJEnigma March 28, 2004
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Courage is the story in which a strict philosophy teacher gives his class a difficult final exam for which they are given several sheets of paper to answer the question "what is courage?". While all the students begin to write, one student picks up their paper, walks to the front of the room, slams it on the teacher's desk and says "this is." before leaving the room. The student got the only 100 in the class.
Man, it took James some wicked courage to say that to the teacher's face!
by SheildMaiden April 15, 2011
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