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Spiggoty means a Spanish language speaker who cannot command English. Literally, spiggoty is a mocking imitation of “no speaka de English,” and arose among English speakers in Panama around 1900. The shortened form of the word spiggoty is spig. An alteration of spig is spic. If the native Spanish speaker speaks English the individual cannot be called a spic.

Spic” has nothing to do with the political label “Hispanic” as is erroneously thought.
In the US, insisting that all documents be translated to Spanish is rather insulting to Spanish speakers because it suggests that all Spanish-speaking individuals speak a spiggoty English.
by Knowledge February 15, 2005
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Being the best in everything...Top of the line...Someone that noone can fuck with
by Knowledge March 13, 2003
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To have fun when going out, especially when dancing under disco lights at clubs/parties.

see also: get down; groove tonight
(me)That was me tripping the light fantastic with Traci Johnson at the the Spring Fling Dance Thing!
(lackey)I wish I were as cool as you. I stood by the wall the whole time and cried.
by Knowledge August 24, 2004
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Jacob tried to sell me a phony Rolex watch.

Marcus told a phony story about how he stole a Caddilac Escalade.
by Knowledge November 10, 2003
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Hispanic-an ancient adjective and noun-was mainstreamed as a political label in the United States in the early 1970's. The purpose for the introduction of such an ancient adjective by the Nixon administration was ostensibly to create a political label solely for the purpose of applying the constitutional anti-discrimination standard of “strict scrutiny” to anyone who was labeled Hispanic. The label had the immediate effect of linking the entire population of the 19 nations that comprise Latin America, as well as, distinguishing the "Hispanic" colonial heritage of Latin American Countries from the "Anglo Saxon" colonial heritage of the United States.

Before the colonization of the Americas, a person had to be solely from Hispania-Spain and Portugal together- in order to be called Hispanic. Today, Hispania has 21 progenies: two in Europe (Spain and Portugal), and nineteen in the Americas (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, The Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, and Venezuela).

But there is more to think about: America is a country where one would not consider mislabeling a Scotsman an Irishman, for such would be an insult to the Scotsman, and visa versa; where one would not describe Canadian culture as being the same as Australian culture because such would be an insult to Canadians and visa versa. Yet, sadly, America is also a country where schools are educating the masses into believing that all people who immigrate or descend from the twenty-one distinctly different progenies of Hispania are: culturally alike, vote as a group, dance salsa, speak Spanish or Portuguese, can't cut it in the schools, work in menial jobs, join gangs, get aids, look alike, think alike, prefer to be separated from “Anglo” America, and have no heritage other than what is being accomplished in the USA by anyone politically labeled Hispanic.

America is a country where Hispanic heritage month no longer honors Hispania's progenies as unique, various and sundry cultures. America is a country where Hispanic heritage month is politically misused for the purpose of pressuring everyone labeled Hispanic into accepting that an attribute applied to anyone labeled Hispanic is an attribute applied to everyone labeled Hispanic, regardless of their different national heritage, and their different cultural backgrounds.

America is a country where the political label Hispanic is being used to camouflage one key fact, and that is that 66.9 percent (as of the 2002) of those labeled Hispanic in the United States do not represent the twenty-one progenies of Hispania, but rather only one progeny-Mexico.
The political label Hispanic is not a physical description of any kind.
by Knowledge January 17, 2005
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the best classification of ass-shape that a white girl can hope for. it's shaped like a teardrop and only looks good in the right pair of pants.

see also: onion
damn that white girl got a onion!

nah son, that's just a teardrop, look at the shape
by Knowledge August 28, 2004
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