Forming an "opinion" on a subject for which one knows absolutely nothing about and voicing that opinion, thus showing lack of knowledge or ambition to becoming remotely intelligent on the subject mattter.
Ignorance is choosing to do something just because someone told you that you need to, or that you should without doing the research for yourself to make an educated and informed decision.
by CB49 December 28, 2011
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Lacking in knowledge, awareness, empathy, and wisdom. Can apply to anyone, regardless of political affiliation. Contrary to popular belief, it is a very broad state of mind, not largely dependent on one's specific views on a subject. Despite this larger meaning, this word is usually hurled towards others by people who are also ignorant who happen to be upset by something someone said.
Most democrats and most republicans are ignorant. In fact, most people are as a whole! Blargh.
by Shadow Creator January 1, 2008
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ignorement n ignore + suffix ment; cf. treatment, excitement - a noun that signifies ignoring something or somebody, corresponding to the verb ignore, but different from ignorance (which is derived from ignore, but has a different meaning, "lack of knowledge").

I hoped to receive forgiveness but instead was met with suspicion and ignorement.

Your son's continuous ignorement of his civil duties needs to be noticed and reprimanded.

The government shows the same ignorement towards human lives as towards human rights.
by Mikhail Epstein November 3, 2003
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To not look at or pay attention to
Please ignore this. It's just a test to see how your service works.
by Jim Gura February 16, 2006
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1) Lacking knowledge.

2) Slang: Insult used to describe another party as stupid and/or prejudiced. Often used incorrectly as the most ignorant parties in a debate tend to call others ignorant to make up for their own lack of information or prejudices.
1) Joseph is ignorant of any knowledge that might help him built a nuclear-powered engine with spare parts in his garage, so he's going to stick to what he knows and just go to an auto-repair shop.

2) Dr. Phillis's advice discouraged Shannon's promiscuous lifestyle so she called him an ignorant homophobe and covered her ears saying "bla bla bla I'm not listening" as he tried to explain the dangers of drug and sex abuse to her. What a cunt.
by Axiomatic June 25, 2009
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A person who simply ignores; because they're total butt heads and meanies.
Girl-"You're such an IGNORER!"
by lisabmcr August 28, 2010
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