"i'm not trying" is an excuse for people who lost in 1v1s.

It's basically an excuse to get away from the fact that you're actually bad at the game.
You might find this is Roblox fighting games, or other games as well.
*opponent loses 1v1*
Opponent: "i'm not trying"
by MLGYolofade May 28, 2020
What women, who are too provocative and who love to show too much skin, say when shamelessly playing the whore card.
I'm not trying to be slutty," said Cyrus in a recent interview. "I'm not trying to be like, go to the club and get a bunch of guys."
by rperazag June 16, 2010
The phrase that you use right before you tell someone something that you know will start a lot of shit.
I'm not trying to start shit but Ty called your mother a whore.
by Baby D123 February 8, 2011
Means that you've had a hard day and you don't feel like dealing with peoples bullshit.
Did you clean the bathroom?
Reply: Hey, I'm just trying to make it through the day!
by Lyndsay_708 April 1, 2006
A phrase u say to ur mom on the phone when ur not actually studying. Usually followed by "take ur time" cuz u wanna play as much as possible before ur mom comes home. and then u do everything last minute so ur mom doesn't punish u.
Mom: Are you studying?
Daughter/Son: I'm trying to study
Mom: Great *ends call*
Daughter/Son: ok I have 2 more hours to enjoy and my last 1 hour will consist of actual studying
by snacksaver123 April 27, 2020
Well it basically a saying i just made up, about how there those people who keep jumping to the latest social network.
friend 1 - I think Imma get a facebook now, since everyone seems to be getting one

friend 2 - yea me too

friend 3 - yea myspace is so last year

friend who doesn't give a fuck - "I'm trying to keep in touch with friends, not ridicules trends, stay on one social network site you fools"
by Evoslip April 25, 2009