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A super amazing guy who's kinda childish but has a great sense in humor. Will do anything to keep his friends happy and won't be afraid to drop your ass if you become an issue. Incredibly good looking and crazily affectionate.
Person 1: oh my god, he's so cute and sweet

Person 2: he's a Cyrus, you don't see many of them, and if you do, you're lucky as fuck.
by tourlif3xo January 11, 2018
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A god among men. Very athletic and on the tall side. Women lust for his love but because of his high standards they fail. Sometimes called the goat.
I need a Cyrus only if he would look my way
by Therealurbangod April 20, 2017
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The literal definition of Awesome. A Cyrus will do almost anything to complete a dare. Cyrus's usually have a huge sense of humor
Friend 1:"OMG, I can't believe that he's trying to juggle chainsaws again."
Friend 2:"Yeah, he is a total Cyrus!"
by crashbandicootondrugs November 18, 2017
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A tall, hot slightly-moderately brown guy who traces his roots back to Persia but is always mistaken as Arab, Indian or Latino. At a first glance, he comes across as a shy and reserved however, once one starts talking to him he won't shut up. Interestingly, he instantaneously attracts chics however, given his shy nature and high standards he never approaches women. He is athletic, smart and humorous and is incredibly loyal (too loyal) to those close to him.
There's Cyrus, sitting in the corner of the club on his phone, miraculously attracting chics by his mere presence.

Chic #1: Who's that Arab guy in the corner he's hot...
Chic #2: Omg! That't one hot Indian guy
Chic #3: Did you see that hot Mexican guy? I'm dancing with him first!
by Anonymousrandomguy March 15, 2016
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A god among men. His body was chiseled by zeus on the sole purpose to please women.
Look at that Cyrus over there. He sure is fly.
by NewBalance April 25, 2007
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