The literal definition of Awesome. A Cyrus will do almost anything to complete a dare. Cyrus's usually have a huge sense of humor
Friend 1:"OMG, I can't believe that he's trying to juggle chainsaws again."
Friend 2:"Yeah, he is a total Cyrus!"
by crashbandicootondrugs November 18, 2017
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The best person in the world he is a king and he rules the world. If you meet him your his slave.
Cyrus the king
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A god among men. His body was chiseled by zeus on the sole purpose to please women.
Look at that Cyrus over there. He sure is fly.
by NewBalance April 26, 2007
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A tall, hot slightly-moderately brown guy who traces his roots back to Persia but is always mistaken as Arab, Indian or Latino. At a first glance, he comes across as a shy and reserved however, once one starts talking to him he won't shut up. Interestingly, he instantaneously attracts chics however, given his shy nature and high standards he never approaches women. He is athletic, smart and humorous and is incredibly loyal (too loyal) to those close to him.
There's Cyrus, sitting in the corner of the club on his phone, miraculously attracting chics by his mere presence.

Chic #1: Who's that Arab guy in the corner he's hot...
Chic #2: Omg! That't one hot Indian guy
Chic #3: Did you see that hot Mexican guy? I'm dancing with him first!
by Anonymousrandomguy December 8, 2015
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Founder of the Achaemanid Empire of Persia.
by BS July 14, 2004
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-(of psychological effect) A person with generally a high intellect and SERIOUSLY talks about it every day, he has the innate ability to brainwash you to accept things or do(play) things, he is very drawn to Japanese Culture and tries do relate it to most things in life.

NOTE: Has the passive ability to make people of a lower IQ praise him for nothing and use the interjection 'lmyao'
Cyrus: YOU SEE?! I TOLD YOU! It's other people not me!
You: How the hel-
Cyrus: CLEARLY its because of my superior mind!
You: Oh... Kay?
by Mori Cummers April 11, 2019
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a man of great valor. he has a huge monster cock and knows how to use it. he plays the piano on the pussy like its Beethovens moonlight sonata. he is sweeter than any pineapple juice u have ever tasted and has fantastic eyebrows, eyelashes, a sculpted jaw hand crafted by spongebob himself, and teef that gleam brighter than any big dipper. if you have a cyrus in ur life please take away the basketball insta filter from his ass and hold him tight.
"holy fuck cyrus how are you so good at this" (a girl getting her shit rocked circa 2021)
by BIGROCKCOC66 May 2, 2021
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