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A syllable used mostly by the Welsh to form the beginning, middle and end of a sentence .
Geraint: Cracking game of Rugby this weekend I!!

Deiniol: What a result!, see the state of Robbin Soppy Bolloks after shitting his pants half way?

Geraint: Fucking hell I,, he only had 3 pints!


Stacey: Fucking hell, see that scrap on the weekend outside Ocy?

Gemma: Fuck I, blood everywhere I, bouncers did fuck all I!!!
by CannabisKings March 27, 2019
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A letter Apple really seems to enjoy putting in front of every single product they sell.
by Johnny Rocketfingers September 17, 2003
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A letter that overly energetic high school girls add to their otherwise traditional names to make them "cute".
Cheerleader: Hi, I'm Jenni--with an i! And this is my friend, Christi.
by me. September 06, 2004
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1)First-person singular pronoun in a sentence's subject.

2) '1' in Roman Numerals.

3) The Alphabet's 9th letter.
1) I am trying out this new hair regrowth formula.

2) Super Bowl I had the Packers in it, so you should be glad that you weren't alive to see it.

3) 'I' comes after 'H'.
by Diggity Monkeez January 23, 2005
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symbol for current, in amperes. Defined by the voltage (in volts) in a current divided by resistance(in ohms).
The voltage is 10 Volts, and the resistance is 5 Ohms. So, I is equal to 2. I need to get laid. Badly.
by Tom April 18, 2005
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1) A letter that hoards of businesses and websites put in front of their names and products to make them sound cool. The trend was started by Apple Inc. and since then countless companies have jumped on the bandwagon and done the same thing.

2) A letter which, when placed in front of any word, indicates the online version of that thing; regardless of whether the online version actually exists or not.
1) I just went to iGoogle on my iMac and searched for BBC iPlayer but then someone texted my iPhone to tell to me that iMesh have been taken down off the web.

2) I was getting iBullied by this iThug and I kept hoping the iPolice would show up and kick him into iJail.
by Atomik Spongeface June 21, 2008
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