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Hannah: hi mom!
mom: sorry hun, I'm taking tyrons big black dick
Hannah's friend: your moms a whore
by hannah's mom's husband January 05, 2018
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One that sleeps around; can't keep her legs closed and smells.
A girl that gets banged out by guys in brick and does coke therefore she's a whore.
by Morgan Hickman October 12, 2016
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Girl who has done something particularly bitchy, such as enabling underage drinkers, and then bitching them out.
Phil: Man, that girl was an a-whore.
Joe: You mean an enabler?
Phil: No, I mean an a-whore.
by sipkatana November 19, 2008
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She can be kind and sweet around grade Six! But watch out if she askes you to be her boy friend DON'T!!! She will only be using you because of a Bad breakup earlier or just because you are the "Weakest Link"

She will just USE YOU!!!
My Ex. Exactly that! we go to seperate schools for middle school and she goes Bi.I did not know so i could not wait to see her again and just be friends! Well she just ended up a Slut and a Whore! I wish she would die and burn in HELL!!!
by Tomtomcaty February 12, 2009
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