Generally posed as a question, it literally means "One versus one", but is used to communicate that someone wants to take an issue to the gaming "arena" and prove his might and superiority. Essentially, its nerd for "You wanna take this outside?"
Nerd 1: HAha...I hax0rsizord joo..N00B!

Nerd 2: 1v1? (indicating he wants to take this to the "arena" and prove his superiority at gaming)
by Canis January 2, 2006
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When two nerds challenge eachothers skill at a video game, trashtalking about the stupidest things ever. People ask for them on youtube, usually after seeing a gameplay montage. 1v1's will always be posted on youtube. They have descriptions like this:
so i ran in2 dis random in ranked, and this kid was talkin shit an i 5-0ed him
x S IN ii p3 R: aight dawgs dis is ma 19th sniper montage dis is 4 da fans an haterz keep hatin
oOSC0P3SOo: dude ur trash
x S IN ii p3 R: stfu n00b
oOSCOP3SOo: 1v1 scrub
x S IN ii p3 R: i dun play bk's. stfu random
by ethan165341267 January 30, 2009
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Kids these days play games as if it's their life. They often want to prove they are the best. The term 1v1 is used by these kids who think they are superior than others and is a way to prove their superiority in a stupid game. (Mostly fornite and overwatch)
PS: these kids are often ignorant, no-lifers and stinky fat pigs who sweat on their keyboards (or their controllers).
Aydan: Yo I'm the best player in fortnite, I can 1v1 anyone.

YoMomGay: Who tf is this dude? Let me wreck him.

*Aydan loses*

Aydan: I had some server issues.
YoMomGay: yeah right, it's probably your sweaty fat ass that sucks at this game.
by MyPseudonym711 January 10, 2019
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When one noob gets killed by a pro and the noob asks to 1v1 as he gets p*ssed off. This usually happens on ROBLOX or Minecraft is a deathmatch server/game or something... It usually goes like this...
Noob (xX_pro_mlg_Xx) - *Gets shot in the back* Why you do dis? I is pro mun.
Pro (Mr. Bit) - I did it as this is how each person gets experience and money for new weapons. Want lessons?
xX_pro_mlg_Xx - 1v1 me3 bruv. You 2 easy 2 kill lel. No need for lessons.
Mr. Bit - You do know that you are going to lose, you only joined today but ok...
xX_pro_mlg_Xx - *Gets killed* No no no, rematch... c'mon... some 1 shot me from behind!
Mr. Bit - *sigh* ok but just this one.
xX_pro_mlg_Xx - *Gets Killed* No no no, rematch... I wasn't ready...
Mr. Bit- *sigh* Just why?

And goes on and on and on like that...
by I define things wrongly July 14, 2017
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David: Asked Georgia to 1v1

Georgia: no I'm a pussy
by Skkrrrtttt September 4, 2016
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(gettin defeated in a game)
Bob: haha i just pwned you
Sam: hey 1v1 irl
Bob: its just a game man
by niviac October 5, 2008
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"Mcrp 1v1" often refered as a modern-day slang for graphic and intense gay sex. Often performed by parties involving people who "hate" each other. It is a slang often thrown around in roleplay settings, when a mage interacts with another magic user.
"Hey, did you know that Benjamin asked his friend for a mcrp 1v1?"
by Gayniggatesticles420 December 16, 2021
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