Another way to refer to people who are not straight, a.k.a. queers when used as the umbrella term.
My friend: Yo, we went to see Lady Gaga last night followed by a trip to a club on Christopher Street.

Me: Ah, so you've been hanging around with those people again?
by DaSolution September 3, 2011
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People who tend to put themselves down just to get people to compliment them.
"She kept calling herself stupid until someone called her smart."
"Oh, so she's One-of-THOSE-People?"
by Ulluoa February 23, 2010
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the damning realization one shortly will have to get out the door and GO TO WORK!!

unless you are the owner, boss, showman...e.t.c. you can be pretty sure of finding yourself in some "close encounters of the third kind" with other humans...putting some neosporin or k-y on the buttocks, can help ease the pain (in the ass) of what awaits you!!

not much more horrifying on sunday night (or WHENEVER YOU'RE 'cycle' begins!!), than thinking; that place!, those people!

HORRID feelings dating WAY back to early in your life, when they took you to the first day of SCHOOL!! -not too much time passed before you were, "CONFUSED WITH A TOILET!!"
in an idle moment during the week-end, i found myself thinking...-that place!, those people!

a perky-butted strumpet took a shine to me at work, taking away some of the 'sting' of, that place!, those people!

the 'savvy' u.d. 'hep cats and kittens' thought my, that place! those people!; concept 1/2 baked!
by michael foolsley October 31, 2011
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Those people” are the best kind of people. They do and says things without a filter which may come off as rude or strange to others at first. “Those people” are the great to be around because they never judge you or want to hurt you. There is truth in everything they say.
Tina: your friend Rachael is kind of weird
Alex: nah she’s just one of those people
by Lilo Bokk August 2, 2021
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