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"All’s I know is there was a sudden swish, and next minute the boat went plungin' down. . . .”
by rperazag September 12, 2010
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Alternative to what? Alternative music is just part of this grand social simulation (assumption of a false appearance. Imitation or representation) where nothing is really happening but an ad nauseam (to a disgusting or ridiculous degree; to the point of nausea) reinstatement (to bring back into use or existence) of regurgitated (vomited) material... been there done that man!
by rperazag July 28, 2010
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Top asshole in power, dedicated to making the lives of people under his power as miserable as possible.
A: "Do you know who was appointed Annoyer-in-Chief... Your ex-lover Cindy."
B: "Rats!"
by rperazag July 7, 2010
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A type of challenge-response test used by savvy women to ensure that the responses they get from potential mates are not generated by one-night-standers and bullshitters who would say and promise anything ludicrous (obviously absurd) to get some friction (intercourse).
(Completely Automated Partner Test To Tell Cocks and Humans Apart — CAPTCHA.)
The code tells potential steady partners from shitty lays automatically apart.
X: "But Mary, why you date wall-streeters?"
Y: "No fuss darling, in three minutes into the Captcha Code and I can tell if the catch is long-term relationship material."
by rperazag June 21, 2010
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America´s ghost war in Afghanistan, a country where Al Qaeda, which was supposed to be the enemy, is no longer based.
X: "Have you heard?... Afghanistan´s president, Hamid Karzai, told two former Afghan officials that he had lost faith in the Americans and was trying to strike his own deal with the Taliban and Pakistan."
Y: "So... what the fuck are we doing in Chaos-istan?"
by rperazag June 24, 2010
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Enjoying a period of extended sexual abstinence.
Extreme form of satisfaction derived from annoying someone.
Great pleasure obtained by focusing your attention on something that you feel passionate about like a job that makes use of your talents, or a particular hobby.
But Hilary, why are you so cruel with that poor soul?" "Hon... pure cheese relish!
by rperazag June 17, 2010
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The Kingdom where low level employees, who want to get even with society making your life as miserable as possible, reign. Vicious social group made of clerks who do menial tasks in an office, or at a sales counter or service desk at a store or hotel.
Bureaucracy made of people with clerk mentality.
Why is it so uphill to get any small thing done around here with a minimum efficiency ?

Welcome to Clerkdom!
by rperazag May 16, 2010
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