An old three letter phrase lots of students write in school yearbooks all over America. Students originally thought that it seems nice to say "keep in touch," just because the majority of people separate off to different colleges after high school. Thus, people figured that it will be a nice little lasting word, just to be polite, and stay friends, and not be forgotten. But thanks to a little invention in 2004 called facebook, there seems to be an excuse for those people with a "keep in touch" in their yearbook, to actually keep in touch. This is commonly referred to as the Keep In Touch Paradox, by students years later. Some girls may have written the abbreviation in the yearbook as K.I.T., which is just a fast way to write keep in touch. That would be like saying thanx instead of thank you.
Rachel: Remember Gloria from high school? We were such good friends back then, but then we just kind of moved our separate ways and drifted apart.
Ross: Gloria and I weren't great friends in high school, but we had chemistry together in junior year and she wrote "keep in touch" in my yearbook. I guess that's an excuse to add her as a friend in Facebook.
Rachel: Good for you, Ross, despite the fact that you probably don't know each other.
Rachel's Soliloquy: (snickering) She's probably going to be sorry she ever wrote that in Ross's yearbook.
by FriendsFan2006 June 9, 2009
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What someone (but usually a guy) says when he knows he'll never contact you again. A less dickish version of "I'll call you".
Wow, last night was amazing. Keep in touch!
by fokkenlarney June 6, 2015
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Well it basically a saying i just made up, about how there those people who keep jumping to the latest social network.
friend 1 - I think Imma get a facebook now, since everyone seems to be getting one

friend 2 - yea me too

friend 3 - yea myspace is so last year

friend who doesn't give a fuck - "I'm trying to keep in touch with friends, not ridicules trends, stay on one social network site you fools"
by Evoslip April 25, 2009
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