The ultimate moment of opportunity, just before it is too late. Sometimes last minute is actually too little too late, but most of the time in underdog situations the last minute is a great time to accomplish goals
"I'm making a last minute dash to the shop before it closes, does anyone need anything?"
by MikeSynonymous March 9, 2012
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When it comes close to kicking out time at a club, and you haven't pulled, u go for anything
I tried to pull all last night , but I couldn't till the end, she was a right munter , that's last minute desperation for you
by mitch00uk April 3, 2015
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The act of charging a cellphone/iPod for a short time right before leaving the house, as if it will make a difference. Usually done before leaving for a long trip.
Guy 1: We're leaving for the airport soon
Guy 2: SHIT! My iPod's battery's almost dead
Guy 1: Last minute charge, dude!
by ctoan September 21, 2011
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A term used to describe a morning where you quickly try to finish up an assignment that is due that day. Hence; "Last Minute Morning".
DUDE! I'm so tired because of procrastinating that project up until the last minute morning. I hope I get a good grade...
by DUD3sweet May 29, 2008
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A friend that waits untill the last moment to ask his parents to go to a friends house.
Hey do you want to go to my house. Yes boots but I'm a last minute devyn
by Pardo Broz October 16, 2016
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A person who waits until the last possible minute/second to do something. i.e. Swerving across all lanes of traffic and cutting off other motorists to make it off a freeway exit.
Swerving across all lanes of traffic and cutting off other motorists to make it off a freeway exit. You are called a "Last minute Larry."

To complete homework in class while the teacher is collecting it. You are called a "Last minute Larry."
by Slopestizzle November 5, 2013
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At the end of a frat party, etc. when everyone who isn't already hooking up frantically scrambles to find ANYBODY to go home with.
Wtf, that is the 4th hideous guy to come up to me in the past 5 minutes. What is this, the last minute scramble?
by Lalalauren174 May 9, 2011
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