To play A dare game for 1 hour, for every dare you DO you get $100.00 from the daree... Anything goes during this game.
There are only 2 automatic Rules,,
1.) No Public Nudity
2.) no making nasty food and eating it (ie ketchup, milk, and crackers mixed together.)
Then you and whoever you play with can make 1 more rule, but can't be defined as a whole catergory Like (no types of sex) but it should be like (no blowjobs)

Who ever has more money at the end of 1 hour wins and the LOSER must pay him within 12 months. Good Luck, Have Fun
Paul: hey you wanna play Truth or Dare

Mike: no lets play 1 Hour dare and get money

Paul: ok
1 hour later
Mike: O, Crap you won

Paul: $2,000.00 yea, you got 12 months. lol
by Mieko lo December 27, 2008
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A place where you should never take you film to be processed.

The author, being the employee responsible for making calls to customers whose film has been pwned, knows.
Yo dawg, I took dat philm to dees CVS 1 hour photo, and them foto machine-ez ate-ed my film - twice! I got dat sick philm back in a baggied yo, but it be cool 'cause the brother gave me a nu roll of dat schweet CVS brand philm.
by Phasmatis Nox October 30, 2004
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Hym "What in the hell just happened!?"

Iam "I don't know. We fell asleep and woke back up within 1 hour"

Hym "Well, go back to sleep idiot!"

Iam "I'm trying!"

Hym "Hurry up! The sun's about to come up. Then we'll never get back to sleep"

Iam "You're not helping. Alright? You're stressing me out and now my adrenaline is going... It's like my brain tried to load the R.E.M. sleep app and it crashed."

Hym "You are an absolute nuisance!"

Iam "At least my sparkling water is still cold."

Hym "Are... Are you stupid!?"

Iam "What?"

Hym "You're a Goddamn idiot!"

Iam "............"

Hym "............."

Iam "............"

Hym "..........."

Iam "...... Stop glaring at me like....."

Hym "Shut up and go to sleep!"
by Hym Iam April 8, 2022
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iti is just literally 1 hour of nothingness then broken by the first 4 notes of megalovania (the sans bossfight song)
1 hour of silence occasionally broken by the first 4 notes of Megalovania
by immymooon June 21, 2022
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