Used on Twitter when replying or sending someone a tweet.
Said out loud: "At Reply"
Twitter_User: I just left my wallet in a taxi.
Twitter_User02: @Twitter_User That sucks, I did that last week!
Example 2
Person1: Send it to me in an email
Person2: I never check my email, at reply @reply me instead.
by Mandimon April 27, 2009
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Noun. The action of ignoring one's question when the answer to it is No, usually in context of rejection. Most commonly seen in messaging and texting, instead of telling the person no, the choice to not respond is made. Sometimes it is easier (although disrespectful) to not respond than to deal with the emotional conflict of telling somebody No.
Boy: Hey Girl, wanna go out with me tonight?
Girl: (No response)
Boy: I think she's giving me the no-reply no.
by AudioSeeker May 18, 2017
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Reply Allcoholism is a mental disorder that makes it difficult to refrain oneself from hitting Reply-all in an email thread causing pain and suffering to others receiving the emails.

Reply Allcoholics tend to share useless commentary that does not pertain to everyone on an email list which causes them to be hated by most of their friends and family.

There are no cures for Reply Allcoholism, but there are preventative measures one could take.
Jack: Sam is so annoying! Why can't he stop hitting reply all on our group emails and only email to the person that he's responding to?!

Jill: Don't be insensitive, he suffers from Reply Allcoholism.
by jimmygonemia February 14, 2011
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Clinical term for message board blue balls, specifically when someone starts a thread and that thread is locked for whatever reason, before you can follow up with a brilliant reply and/or the joke's punchline.
Eeth's thread failure gave me horrible reply-vasocongestion pains...I spent 15 mintues photoshopping an image for him but his crappy thread got locked before I could post it.
by Seb-X April 4, 2008
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When one has a tendency to read a message yet not able to reply to it.
"Hey Sally, did James get back to you about Sunday?"
"Nah, he's being a no reply bitch"
by Sxcbadbois August 9, 2015
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1. A man who behaves in an overly familiar way and is always replying to the social media messages of a woman he doesn't know or is barely acquainted with.

2. An annoying man who replies to social media messages, in general - whether this annoyance is due to a perceived know-it-all attitude, excessive familiarity, banal arguments that the annoyed user doesn't feel compelled to reply to again and again, or violation of some imagined pecking order.
Mental health improves 120% when reply guys are blocked or muted
by Esther Lolstein December 20, 2018
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