a godly like plant. when combined with doodee and filament in a summoning tribute it can create an amazingly horrific monster that is both deadly and attractive. the plant of a scumbag. it can also be used to kill yourself at times of depression.
Wow John is so depressed, he should really take some Hemlock and kill himself.
by cornbread21321 March 18, 2007
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when a female is giving a blumpkin for so long the male gets a hemorrhoid and the female jaw locks once then jaw is unlocked the male then squirts the excess hemorrhoid juice on her face.
man last night suck me and my girlfriend lost track of time and got hemlocked
by weeee112344 September 26, 2011
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Eastern Hemlock is a type of hardwood tree. It shares the same name with the famous poisonous plant known also as Hemlock. The difference between the tree and the plant is that the plant is used to kill, and is commonly referred to as a "suicide plant" while the hemlock tree is a type of ever-green.

The Hemlock tree is being attacked by insects known as "Wooly Adelgid" which feeds ONLY on Hemlock trees. At the current rate that Wooly Adelgid are eating Hemlocks, the tree is estimated to go extinct in about 40-50 years time.
Berry: Hey, have you seen all those beautiful Hemlocks in the park?
Jan: Yeah, they're really beautiful.
by Hemllock April 14, 2018
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Where all Fordson kids go to smoke and have sex . Parents don’t care. Normal in the fordson fuckboy era

The best place to get lit there was the train tracks but since the police started doing patrols there the teens found other places to smoke weed .

Little kids go to the hill and act like there cool.
I remember there was a Gang fight there a couple years back over some weed.
The most ghetto part of Dearborn
Ali:Bro wallah your hair is messed up!
Moe: I was fucking your mom and she cut it cuz!
Ali: Bro meet me at hemlock park and I’ll beat your ass so hard your mom will suck my dick to save you
by Fordson BMW July 18, 2018
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one who lives in hemlock, and typically listens to metal or flies the confederate flag, they live in the country and get drunk plenty, also they love sporking and toilet papering.
that damn hemlock hick sure likes his beer

those hemlock hicks sporked my yard.
by crustynraunchy December 4, 2007
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To lose ones password, username or both for accessing an email account, blog, computer or similar
Oh crap I can't remember my email password, looks like I've done a Van Hemlock
by Shuttler September 18, 2008
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