A High school in Dearborn. The best football team in the city. They beat Dearborn High every year and those pussys get butt hurt and try talking shit about fordson. the other high school isn’t even worth naming because of how bad they are. the school is pretty run down the bathrooms have no doors and they never get cleaned. kids smoke in the bathrooms and the locker rooms and the teachers don’t really care about it. you can find some gems in the school but it mostly sucks. the parking lot is a car show with all the new leases, since none of the students can afford a car they get there baba to get them a lease
(idiot) What school do you go to?
(smart person) Fordson bro

(idiot) Dearborn is better

(SP) your an idiot
by Fordson BMW October 27, 2019
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Fags, whores, fiends and some incredible people that I truly love.
Fordson High School, Fucking shitty ass school periodiot Poo.
by AsianDick August 19, 2020
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hmm..where arab hoes like to go so that they can tell their parents that they're doin something good...yea rite..Fordson is where most hoes go to do it and cry that they got pregnant..trust me..i know..i was in the bathroom once and i saw two grls checkin on pregnancy test and screaming-"whats blue! whats blue!"...yea the guys ALL do their eyebrows...they're thinner than most of the grls eyebrows...the guys are man hoes too...the freshman act like theyre the shyt..damm they are so wrong..the teachers are ight and the teaching system is really good...hmm..lets see wat else should we say about fordson... oh ya..its full of Arabss...like me..yea we make terrorist jokes and its pretty funny..yea and they grls go out with the guys but after they break up they find out they they were somewat related..ewww and they actually made out with each other...plus the grls parents would kill her if they found out they actually had a boyfriend.anyway..if u wanna know more juss IM me at= Call Me Slim xo
A Couple in Fordson High School.
Guy-hey baby, wanna get in my car?
Girl-ok ali but this has to be fast
Guy- ok no problem
3 Months Later
Girl-hey ali wats up
Guy- hey baby not much juss tired
Girl-i gotta tell u somethin
Guy-yea wassup
Girl-im pregnant and i think its urs
Guy- oh helll nawww..bitch get the hell outta my life..i used a condom..peace out
by Slim xo September 12, 2006
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