A city in Michigan, just outside of Detroit, that is home to Ford Motor Company and the most dense population of Arabs outside of the Middle East. Most of the Arab population consists of Lebanese, but a growing number of Iraqis have been immigrating here. Also a nice sized population of Yemenis and Palestinians live here. Most are Muslim, but lots of Christian Arabs live in other parts of the Metro Detroit Area. Even though lots of whites have left Dearborn, Dearborn's economy has gone up. Real Estate value and Property taxes have risen drastically since the 1980s. Lots of great Social programs "plague" this fine city, such as quick responsive snow removal, emergency services, and police patrol. The East side of Dearborn is about 85% Arab, the south side is 100%, and the west side has been increasingly Arab-American! The west side of Dearborn is a lot nicer than the rest of Dearborn, which has a nice downtown on Michigan Ave, and expensive houses that share a golf course. The only reason that some people would say that Dearborn's getting worse is because of their own prejudice of Arab-Americans, such as Debbie Schlussel, and not based on facts. Unlike other minorities, Arab-Americans moving to a certain community improves the economy and doesn't bring it down.
ADJECTIVE: when somebody acts like a Lebanese guy from Dearborn, such as driving around Warren Ave with the music loud as hell and talking on the cell phone, and trying to pick up chicks. Says "Bro" and "Cuz" a lot. When a girl from Dearborn would take her cousin or brother to the prom because her parents wouldn't let her take a guy! Also says "Bro" a lot! Dearborn guys and girls share a lot of traits with Italians from Staten Island and New Jersey.
"This guy is so Dearborn! How the hell can he talk on the phone when I can hear the music from here?"
by Bilal Chebbani February 18, 2008
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A suburb of Detroit. The newest immigrants live on the east side and the oldest immigrants live on the west side, or have moved on. East side = ghetto & arabs, West side = white people & richer people. If you grow up there you will pick up a few phrases including Fordson cuz, Wallah bro, and yallah. Lots of middle eastern people are there currently, but a long time ago it was polish and irish and other minorities. we have yet to get a wave of mexicans. its funny because the founder of dearborn was super racists. ok tl;dr sariee. Also; Henry Ford is a major thing in Dearborn, js.
Steve: What up my homie
Fudwa: Dearborn Represent
Steve: wallah Fordson is some gay shit DHS 4 LYF !!!1!!
Taniqua: Imma kill this nigga
Fudwa: Yallah its time for you to leave
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being completely dearborn bro you gotta drive the mustang, go to good burge,r and meet up at hemlock bro. Fordson cuz gotta rep khaye
"Bro wallah you're so Dearborn"
by Dearborn Hawk January 17, 2017
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n. Dearborn, MI. A suburb of Detroit. Hometown to Ford Motor Company and Henry Ford. The east side is populated with mostly Arabic people. The west side is populated with old white people and bored teenagers. The old people say "Dearburn" instead of "Dearborn".
Dearborn is pretty much gay.
by roller May 26, 2005
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Also known as Little Baghdad. City with the highest concentration of Arab's west of the Prime Meridian. Names range from Mohammed, Ali, Hussien, and Fudwah. Home to the terrorist organization LaShish. Common smells to the area: piss, sweat, axe body spray, curry, and hummous. Coming Soon - A ghetto after Ford motor company folds because people refuse to buy American and complain about our economy's problems.
I don't wanna go to Dearborn it smells like an Arabic sauna and we'll porbably be shot and blown up.
by Mike Babcock August 19, 2007
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City in Michigan. This city has the most dense population of Arabs outside of the middle east only 2nd to L.A. The city is divided into three "sections" those being the South side, East side, and the West side. The East and south sides are considered to be the "ghetto" parts due to the fact of run down building's, houses and the Arabs that have gathered there. The West side is the nicest part of Dearborn because mostly Whites have moved to this side in hopes that thier property value will raise and thier children can go to school without having a terriost or middle eastern influence. People in Dearborn generally have the attitude that thier better than most people and if your not from Dearborn they are relucktant to speak to you. West siders usually go to the East side or South side to buy drugs. Downtown Dearborn is basically a little chain of about 20 or 30 small cafes and little shopping centers. Some of those places being Starbucks, Buffalo Wild Wings, Hookah bars, Sushi bars, places that really any normal person wouldn't really hang out at.
Dearborn Starbucks Sushi Hookah Sushi
by West Sider Matt February 17, 2009
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A place that makes your cringe and die
Dearborn sucks ass bro
by Fjekd2365 November 27, 2019
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