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An elite division of the police, can be found on many places. Including: Real life, ROBLOX, Discord, Skype, Steam, and many more sites and apps. The Thot Patrol keeps Thots at bay and/or exterminate them. The earth has had Thot Patrols and Thots for decades, it is and always has been the duty of the Thot Patrols to keep them from ruining our friends, family, and property.
"Oh no I see a thot trying to pet my dog, guess I'll have to call the Thot Patrol"
by Hemllock August 9, 2018
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Eastern Hemlock is a type of hardwood tree. It shares the same name with the famous poisonous plant known also as Hemlock. The difference between the tree and the plant is that the plant is used to kill, and is commonly referred to as a "suicide plant" while the hemlock tree is a type of ever-green.

The Hemlock tree is being attacked by insects known as "Wooly Adelgid" which feeds ONLY on Hemlock trees. At the current rate that Wooly Adelgid are eating Hemlocks, the tree is estimated to go extinct in about 40-50 years time.
Berry: Hey, have you seen all those beautiful Hemlocks in the park?
Jan: Yeah, they're really beautiful.
by Hemllock April 14, 2018
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Gayber/gaybers gaybers are people who try to force other people to be gay, this is most commonly found in friend groups. It is a way for gay people to try and FORCE their gayness onto others. Some gay people just think that they can change their friends sexuality because they prefer gay people over straight people, this often also happens in religion.
friend: Hey fred, have you ever considered being gay like me?

fred: No stop being a gaybers, I'm not a gay person, stop trying to force your sexuality on me
by Hemllock October 11, 2018
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