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An Arabic word that means "I swear to God." or I swear to Allah.
by Jenny Visconti September 27, 2003
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Wallah (In Arabic: ΩˆΨ§Ω„Ω„Ω‡)
An Arabic word means "I swear to god", it's also used to ask somebody to swear to god.
A: I have a lot of money
B: Wallah?
A: Wallah (I swear to god) I do
by sb is eating my internet January 10, 2019
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Means I swear (usually to God.)

Not a swear word.

Also "I Promise."
"Wallah, I didn't steal your watch"
by La'BonQie May 11, 2009
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A shortened, slang term for "Waheyat Allah," which means "I swear to God" in Arabic. Arab and non-Arab teens in America use this word commonly.
Bilal: Dude, I saw those two guys fight!

Albert: Are you serious?

Bilal: Wallah, bro.
by S. D. May 08, 2005
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Previously known as an Arabic word meaning β€œ I swear to Allah” but currently being used by all people as a term of saying β€œtrust me this is the truth” mostly used to cover up lies
β€œOfficer wallah I have a license but I lost it”
by Wallahimagirl January 22, 2018
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An Arabic word used in Islam to say β€œ I swear to God” and if you say wallah without telling the truth the theory is you will go to hell.
Abdullah: Bro did you take my money?
Ahmed: Wallah I didn’t take your money
by YNW roach December 27, 2019
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