When a guy tells a woman to suck his penis
bitch u aint gon gimme uh dollar? well suck me!
by DaMario May 5, 2004
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1. The phrase "suck me" is like another way for saying "bite me".
2. It does not always have to be directed towards anything particular. It can be used just to express stress, anger, or frustration.
3. It can also be used when joking around with friends.
1. Jill - "You're so dumb."
Paula - "Suck me!"
2. Teacher - "Okay class, here is a shitload of homework for you to do."
Student - "Oh, suck me!"
3. Tina - "That ugly kid likes you, haha!"
Kate - "Suck me!"
by Jessikerr September 8, 2007
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An insult you use against your enemies.
Person 1: Suck me
Person 2: excuse me
Person 1: you heard
by Humphrey the third of Sardinia December 17, 2019
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A phrase, commonly used by the stranger group, to emulate exactly how
A) dumb the person the retort is directed to is
B) mad the speaker is, and generally means noh!
Also, the phrase can be used as a random comment.
K.P.- I love Ryan. I want his fucking bod.
B.R.- You just need to go home.
K.P.- Suck Me!!

10 minutes later

K.P.- Suck Me!!
by Russell989 July 31, 2006
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When a person is bothering or annoying another person. When a person is being nosy.
"Nick why are you constantly sucking me?"
"You're always sucking me, mind your own business!"
by wordgod May 4, 2014
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The two special words that would put girls on the trigger. They’ll make you suck them making you realise that you are an asshole in every way and that you don’t deserve them.
Girl: *Moans*
Boy: Come suck me bitch
Girl: I will if you give me your life savings
Boy: But…
Girl: Ok fine pussy come suck me instead
Boy: *Thinks he is lucky*
by u wish u were me :) October 23, 2023
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